Chapter I: The Delegation

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Chapter I: The Delegation
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle
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Chapter I: The Delegation is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The first time you arrive at Pigmote Isle, you'll be presented with a delegation. The events on this page give you the opportunity to learn more about the situation, and ultimately end with a choice you'll need to make which will determine how things play out. Once the choice is made, you're locked into that path for the rest of the story. Completing will, among other things, unlock a choice of a Mascot.

Choosing the Chief Engineer and the Rattus Faber will lead to SS ratsgaz.png A History Lesson where you can help with a Veils or Iron challenge for a large Supplies prize, and be offered the SS ratalbinosmall.png Albino Tinkerer mascot who provides +2 x Veils. Assuming you don't try and steal from the rats, on return visits to Pigmote Isle they'll offer Hull repairs for a variable fee, and you'll be able to smuggle some Supplies to the Cavies in exchange for A Cache of Curiosities.

Choosing the Seneschal and the Cavies, on the other hand, will lead to SS guineapiggaz.png Chapter III: A Knight Out Of Habit and provide remarkably similar Fuel rewards for similar challenges, and offer the SS guineapigsmall.png Guinea Page mascot who provides +2 x Pages. If you don't attempt to steal from the Cavies, they'll sell Scintillack for a variable cost, and you'll be able to smuggle Fuel to the rats.

(note: the above paragraphs are only partially correct. Please help update them with a succinct yet accurate major differences on Rats vs Cavies)

Once completed, both choices ultimately lead to SS ratbargegaz.png The Rise Of Pigmote Isle, where you can further develop their civilization statuses.

Chapter I: The Delegation[edit | edit source]

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Chapter I: The Delegation is triggered when you do the Disembark action in SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle.

Story description[edit | edit source]

The figures are rodents! To your left is a Rattus Faber, wearing goggles, a blacksmith's apron, and an assortment of tools; to your right is an unusually large guinea pig, wearing a helmet and breastplate reminiscent of nothing so much as the High Middle Ages.

The rat stepped forward first, and bowed.

"Welcome, Captain, to Rat Star Island. I am Edgar, Second Chief Engineer of the Third Rat Brigade. I invite you to avail yourself of food and fuel at our expense; the only cost to you is a choice."

The rat stepped back; at precisely the same moment, with what appeared to be easy of long habit, the guinea pig scuttled forward, and made a declamatory chirp.

"Welcome, Captain, to the Isle of Cavia. I am Lady Augusta Devereaux Swinch of the Blackwater Swinches, Seneschal to our King Gracegnaw, First of His Name. I invite you to avail yourself of food and fuel at our expense; the only cost to you is a choice."

The two stood at attention, looking at me expectantly.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
What choice?
Enough of this
"Farewell for now"

Chapter II: Alike In Dignity[edit | edit source]

Story description[edit | edit source]

"Two remarkable rodents stand sat... squatted... both seeking my support. I knew I had to choose carefully."

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Linked from SS bookbloodgaz.png Chapter I: The Delegation

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
I spoke to the Chief Engineer A Rat in the MakingI asked the Chief Engineer to elaborate. He looked at me for a long, measured moment before speaking gruffly.

"We came to this island to make a home for ourselves away from London, its cats and Snuffers, its Rat-Skin Suits. We came to live as citizens of our own Republic! We came with our tools, our teeth, our clever hands, and we made a beautiful city by the light of the Rat Star that shone bright and blue on Mount Ararat." The Chief Engineer nodded towards the distant hill.

"One day we braved the depths of the Chickenwoods, and from the top if Mount Ararat we plucked the Rat Star to be our light; our beacon. But the Pigs of Cavy saw the light, and they lusted for it; they sent armies to rule us and steal our Star! We will not permit them to take what is ours! We will resist to our last breath! Will you join us in defeating them?"

I spoke to the Seneschal A Knight out of HabitThe Seneschal cleared her throat with a delicacy to rival the Duchess' own before speaking.

"Gracegnaw the King, our Lord and Sovereign,

Full seven months had sojourned on the sea,

Conquered this land, and won the Southern main.

Now no fortress against him shall remain,

No city walls be left for him to gain,

Save the RATS! That squeak behind mountain!

Unlikely was the Lamb of our deliverance,

Assured shall be our glories and their fall,

When Our Lady's Eye restored be to our hall!"

The Seneschal composed herself, then added, "We saw truth and beauty by the light of Our Lady's Eye on Mount Cavyat. But the rats, with their guns and their chatter and their peasants' politics, stole it from us. We will subjugate them and take it back. They are a rabble, and we will rule them with the steel-shod velvet of our paws. Will you join us?"
    I had heard more than enough

    Chapter II: Alike In Dignity (cont.)[edit | edit source]

    Story description[edit | edit source]

    "As you can well imagine, I faced quite a dilemma. Their red eyes stared up at me, waiting for my choice."

    Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

    Linked from SS bookbloodgaz.png Chapter II: Alike In Dignity

    Interactions[edit | edit source]

    Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
    I sided with the Chief Engineer

    A friend to rats
    I favoured the Seneschal

    A friend to cavies
    I attempted to broker a peace

    My words helped them reach agreement

    Despite the effect title, this action has no effects, You have to choose a side using one of the other options.

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