A Difficult Conversation

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A Difficult Conversation
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 180536

A Difficult Conversation is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Romance Version[edit | edit source]

You may be looking for A Difficult Conversation (Romance)

A Difficult Conversation (Determined Doctor)[edit | edit source]

Story description[edit | edit source]

"The Determined Doctor stands as the door opens, irons clinking on his wrists. His eye is defiant. The cold sweat on his brow tells a different story."

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

SS haunteddoctorsmall.png Learning About: The Haunted Doctor = 20, which happens when you discover the answer to A spy walks the ship!

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Demand an explanation
The question is a single word: Why?
An impersonal betrayal
"Why would a man throw a life-preserver to a drowning child?" The Determined Doctor looks up, revolutionary fervour in his eye. "You were not there, Addressed as, or you would know! Our only salvation is in anarchy... in burning London, bringing down the Khanate, in sealing the Cumaean Canal! Taking back what is ours!" "They understand that. In the Shadow, they understand."
His words mean nothing
He will be handed over to the authorities at the next available port. Until then, he stays in the brig.
Judgement is rendered
The Doctor sits down on his uncomfortable bed. He understands, and he accepts his punishment. He will cause you no more trouble.
Argue with the Determined Doctor
Good grief. Has this man ever found a cause he didn't immediately embrace?
It is a question worth asking
For a moment, it is as if you have got through to him. But no. A man who would fall so quickly from worshipping sorrow-spiders into the crooked clutches of the Calendar Council, and still be instantly won over by a bunch of Khaganian anarchs... is a man with an impenetrable shield of homilies and self-justification. "I did what I must," says the Doctor, his solitary eye staring past your ear. "I could have done no less."
Try to deal with the Determined Doctor
He only did what he thought was right. If he swears never to repeat this, his honour will hold him to it.
A principled stand
"Please understand, there was no pleasure or satisfaction in what I did. It was only with the bitterest regret and for the greatest good that I betrayed your trust." "But I cannot swear that, Addressed as. I must continue to act as my conscience demands, as must you with yours. I will speak no false promises to spare my neck."
Pass judgement on the Determined Doctor
You have heard enough.
A verdict is reached
The Determined Doctor does his best to look defiant, but is unable to hide his nervous trembling.
The Doctor returns to work
Under guard, of course. He is, fortunately or not, too good a surgeon to simply discard.
It does not seem much of a punishment
Still, the Doctor's face sinks into gloom. Was he hoping to be a martyr for his latest cause? Is he simply sick that he will be unable to help his anarch friends? It matters not. The irons around his wrists are removed. He is free to resume his duties, at least for the moment.
The Doctor leaves the ship
He will spend the rest of this journey in the brig, and be handed over to the authorities at the next friendly port.
Judgement is rendered
The Doctor sits down on his uncomfortable bed. He understands, and he accepts his punishment. He will cause you no more trouble.

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