A Discarded Face

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A Discarded Face
SS masktannedgaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS sailorgaz.png A Raggedy Fellow

SS masktannedgaz.png The Snuffer's Appetite

SS masktannedgaz.png So you're the only one who made it...

Data ID 143946

A Discarded Face is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

It seems like this may be bugged. Probably, failure at the tasks shouldn't reset the value of SS sailorsmall.png A New Face.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

A Discarded Face is triggered at zee if you have the following:

Event description[edit | edit source]

“Captain! I found this afloat in the bilges.” The zailor holds it out, grimacing: a sheet of human skin with holes for eyes, nose, mouth...

You recognise the moustache clinging to its ragged lip: the moustache of the ragged crewman you rescued! He must have been one of the face-stealing abominations they call Snuffers. But whose face is the Snuffer wearing now?

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Have the ship's doctor examine your crew

Each eyes the other sidelong. Your physician can provide a more educated evaluation.

Failed event
No sign

All are human, your physician reports. Most likely the Snuffer has escaped overboard. Unless it's still hiding somewhere in the ship. Unless your physician is the one who... no. You have to trust someone, and this is someone you know well.

Successful event

Snuffers are more malleable than men. This one has relocated its internal organs for its own convenience: your physician identifies an errant lung and shouts the alarm! Your crew beats the hissing horror to the deck. “That was Hilary!” yelps the bo'sun. In a terrified rage, they rearrange its organs more violently and permanently. The Snuffer is dead.

Use a ruse

Snuffers, the stories say, eat candles. They are too cunning to be caught by a bait of common candles, but if you could render down something rare...

Failed event
An accident!

You try to render mauve quasi-amphibian fats into tallow. It does not go well. The doctor applies ointment and bandages, clucking sadly.

Successful event
A well-baited trap

You use the wax from the Catch's brain-cavity to form a drooping, but substantial, candle. Its aroma is remarkable - like ashy roses. You light it in your cabin, and wait in the wardrobe with the cabin door ajar.

Here comes the Snuffer, eyes aglow like covetous lamps through the holes in its stolen face, tip-toeing into your cabin. Step out behind it. Smash its horrible skull in with a gaff-hook. Have your crew fling it in the sea, in case it somehow revives. And there's an end of it.

(Unless there's a second Snuffer aboard.)

Seek out your enemy as best you can

Snuffers are masters of concealment. And it may not even have taken another crew-member yet - perhaps it's waiting in the shadows -

    SS mirrorssmall.png Mirrors challenge ( 251 for 100% )

Failed event
No sign

Has the Snuffer left your ship entirely? Or is it awaiting its moment?

Successful event
A moment of insight

This one! There's something about him -

When he turns to flee, you know you have him, or rather it. Smash its horrible skull in with a gaff-hook. Have your crew fling it in the sea, in case it somehow revives. And there's an end of it.

(Unless there's a second Snuffer aboard.)

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