Advice from the Alarming Scholar

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Advice from the Alarming Scholar
SS alarmingscholargaz.png
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 144203

Description[edit | edit source]

Advice from the Alarming Scholar is a triggered story event that occurs in SS fallenlondon portsmall.png London when the player speaks to the SS alarmingscholargaz.png Alarming Scholar and selects the event Ask the Scholar about the Whisper-Locked Box. Advice from the Alarming Scholar will allow the player to determine the fate of the SS box2small.png Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box.

Story description[edit | edit source]

“I have an idea where it's from. But it's a long way there, and I may be wrong. So perhaps... I rather like the box. Perhaps you should simply sell it to me?”

Linked To[edit | edit source]

Alarming Scholar, Fallen London, Whisper-Locked Puzzle-Box

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Sell him (her?) the box
For a hundred Echoes.
Easy profit
"Thank you, thank you...
Politely refuse
...and ask her (his?) advice
"Irem, I'd say."
"The Iremi like locks...

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