An Offer of Patronage

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An Offer of Patronage
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Category Story Event
Type Character
Linked to Isle of Cats
Data ID 168550

An Offer of Patronage is a Sunless Sea Character Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

An Offer of Patronage is triggered when you do the A meeting with the King's Claw action in the The Honeyed Tongue event.

Character description[edit | edit source]

The King's Claw tells you to call them Isery. They are dressed in azure silk, and wearing clawed rings of enamelled metal and ivory on the fingers of their right hand. They are very beautiful, if you like them sharp and glittering and ambiguously gendered.

"You have caught the interest of the Pirate-King, and therefore my interest as well," they say, fixing you with an amber-eyed gaze. "You seem capable enough. And I have need of a capable... friend."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Accept their offer

You can never have too many friends, in the Neath.

"Wonderful! Utterly delightful!" Isery is all smiles and genial bonhomie. "I shall start thinking of a task fit for your talents. Something special." They wave a jewelled hand. "Run along now, there's a good captain." Game note: You may only have one Patron on the Isle of Cats. Choose well.
A change of Patron

"Oh yes, you did some work for Zaira, didn't you? Ah, no matter - she and I look for different things in the zee-Captain."

Isery strokes a jewelled hand down your cheek. "You shall be mine now, all traces of the Lady of the Cages wiped clean. How lovely, mmm?" They do not seem to require a response. You slip away, suppressing a little shiver.

Refuse Isery

Perhaps you are unsettled by Isery's beauty, or perhaps by the prospect of working for one so comfortable with the Catties' Pirate-King.

You are scrupulously polite in your refusal. Isery smiles, sharp and thin. "No matter, no matter." They drag an enamel-clawed hand across your cheek. "Do come back, if you find yourself in need of my... friendship."
Promises made

One of the courtesans of the Honeyed Tongue bends down to whisper in Isery's ear, and they give you a thoughtful look.

"Dear me, it appears I have made my offer rashly," Isery says, ushering you out of their office with perfect courtesy. "You're already taken! Do say hello to Zaira, won't you? What an excellent eye she has."
Second chances

You have failed Isery before. But perhaps they are feeling lenient?

"Oh, my dear. I simply couldn't. No. Don't beg. Have you tried asking Zaira? What? You've disappointed her as well? Oh dear. Are you quite sure the life piratical is the one for you?" Game note: The Patrons of the Isle of Cats have no further use for you.

Discuss the Well-Travelled Notary's memories

Your quest to has led you here. You need to know what the Notary knew - about Nidah, about the Presbyterate, about the secret of immortality.

Invite Isery to join the seven Against Nidah

Given Lorenzo's misfortune, you find yourselves in need of a new Guide.

You broach the subject with delicacy. There is a light in Isery's eyes that you would not describe as 'reassuring'.
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