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Anthe (Map)
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Anthe (Gazetteer)
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Located in Palmerston's Reach
Ports Anthe
Shops SS emeraldsmall.png Stonemarket

Shipyard No
Data ID 143319

Anthe is an austere, underwater city of crystal. It's beautiful. But also very sharp.

Port Description[edit | edit source]

They call it the city of flowers, but the flowers are crystals, spiral matrices grown on the walls of Anthean caves. The inhabitants of Anthe are at least partly crystal too: they call it "going sharp." Becoming more perfect, and clearer, and colder.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Study the chambers of Anthe

Wander where you can. Gain a preliminary understanding of the place.

Those who go sharp

The inhabitants of Anthe go sharp. Not all at once, but piece by piece, they turn to crystal. They sort themselves by sharpness, too: the sharp-handed cluster with others of their kind, ignoring the keen-footed and the brittle-waisted.

To progress through Anthe is to take on more and more of these attributes, to enter the deeper chambers restricted by sharp-style. Choose which chambers you would most like to discover. The Antheans speak of a woman named Rosina, dying of a curious disease and sequestered among the sharp-spleened.

Visit the garden of the Sharpest

You are almost all sharp, after all.

A broad tunnel

The vines that hang along the tunnel walls are all nurtured crystal. Their fruit glitters. Their fallen leaves wobble without breaking underfoot. In time the tunnel opens out to a vista, a grand cavern...

Free a blemmigan

Perhaps it would find the place congenial.

Taking root

The Blemmigan scampers across the spiked floor of the first cave. It finds a crevice and settles in. How long before it begins to go clear? Will its stem turn to crystal first, or its cap?

Listen in on the nearest group of people

What do they speak of here?

Luck roll generates different flavor text.
Visit Rosina in her Chambers

She is both healer and patient, convalescing in an ice bath among the sharp-spleened. The Antheans speak of her often.

Ice crystals

The air gets chillier as you approach, and there are patches of frost on the walls.

Visit Rosina in her Chambers

The rumour is that she has resumed seeing patients and working on the mystery of animescence.

A familiar stair

Your feet have learned where the treacherous risers may be found.

Sell your song of Broken Hulls to the Singers in the Shell

Lung and Tongue are both crystal, the better to sing.

Offer your Drownie Love-song to the Drownies in the Cave-Pool

They keep apart from other Antheans, but they have gone sharp in their own way.

Take the stage, spitting

Antheans clear in the spleen, skin, and tongue insult one another for sport. There is a solacefruit for second place. First place is not rewarded.

Failed event
Successful event
Set down Clay Men in the Travertine Vault

Clay Men come from Polythreme to learn sharpness of bone and spleen.

Contribute to the celebration

The crystal-livered drink and drink. Unquestionably they'd trade ordinary food for your mushroom wine.

A pleasant lassitude

They drink from geodes. They compare notes on the terroir. When everyone is thoroughly intoxicated, they roll out a crate of dried, honeyed cakes. "The captain who brought it went sharp in the bowels. She doesn't eat now. Help yourself."

Practice holding the ceiling in place

Care to bet on your strength against the other denizens of the Bone-Barrow?

Failed event
Rare Successful Event
A proud display

SS bloodstainsmall.png +1 x Wound

Successful event
A proud display

Share an enraging story you picked up in London

Something to share over drinks. The other sharp-spleened Antheans will greatly enjoy having no reaction.

Like talking to statues

You reveal a recent London tale of corruption, folly, and spite, of incompetent people prospering from their incompetence, and kind people suffering for their kindness, and perfectly good supplies wasted. Your listeners' faces do not change. Their eyelids do not quiver. In exchange, they tell you several infuriating tales you had not heard before. One even rewards you with fuel. "I am never zailing back to London," she says. "Your ztory has reminded me why." Candlelight winks in the tip of her tongue.

Lead the critique of some Romantic Literature

It will amuse the company to correct the more lurid scenes, with special attention to anatomical accuracy and selection of metaphor.

Failed event
Successful event
Offer passage to the Tomb Colonies

There is a clear-skinned traveler who wishes to make an escape.

Plenty of bandages

She went clear in the skin to prevent bruising in the embrace of a mineralised wife. "I thought I was rising to a challenge. I thought I should become a stronger person." Then she laughs. She does not offer the rest of the story, but you already know more than you would like. She wishes to reach Venderbight without undue attention from strangers. She has a pile of bandages and a coffin she has built herself from scavenged wood. But she will need your help to do the rest.

Mingle with Hurriers, Getters and Thrusters

They used to be coal-miners. Now they are impervious to coal gas or flooding. They might give you something; they might lure your crew away.

Failed event
Something close to mutiny
Successful event
Help yourself
Rare Successful Event
Coal, and other things

Trade Heartmetal in the Gallery of Axes

Strength and a resistance to pity: these are essential for an executioner. And they need, of course, the best weaponry.

Stop by the Smokehouse

A hedonistic sanctuary for those who have gone sharp in both liver and lung. Trade them some Prisoner's Honey for essential supplies.

Visit the Dauntless Palate

Offer a Lamentable Relic as a challenge to those sharp in the liver, skin, and tongue.

Chase down a Polythreme Exile

He is lurking at the back of the Femur and Lung.

This sharp flourishing is not for him

The Femur and Lung is a drinking house two passageways along from the Bone-Barrow. The tables are crowded with miners and fungers. The Clay Man is ignored by the company, unwelcome. He shows you the palms of his hands, where triclinic crystals grow every which way, ragged and disorganised. It is difficult for clay to go sharp. Sometimes it succeeds, but the failures are awkward. "POLYTHREME MAKE IT CLAY AGAIN. HEAL EVERYTHING."

Gather flourishing intelligence among the sharp-livered

This is where spies gather, after all.

They know the contact you're seeking...

...but he's not here. "He's gone sharp in the liver, no doubt," says the woman with the venom-ruby ring. "But he is also a student of codes and encryptions, and that has taken him to the chambers of the Tongue." The man next to her makes a face. "Those people are all terribly rude," he says. "Stay here with us."

Consider your own condition

Should you go sharp? Or have you already taken on sharpness that you now regret?

Learning and rumour

Consult the woman with the cubical eyes. Learn how to accept the blessings that Anthe offers. Determine what is best for yourself, and whose companionship you seek in the bubble-caverns.

Deliver an unfeeling eulogy to the late Rosina

The sharp-skinned, sharp-tongued Antheans would appreciate remarks without sentiment.

A flawless curriculum vitae

You describe the woman she was, as you observed her. Your description is apt and unflinching. You speak of her manners, her erudition, her inability to protect herself at the last. You omit the question of whether you killed her. No one asks you for an account of her final minutes.

When you are done, the Antheans reward you with her notes and logs. No one else here wishes to preserve them.

Gather a port report on Anthe

The Admiralty will want stories of this place.

Rumours and extrapolations

Access to Anthe is restricted by type of sharpness: those who are sharp in the ears do not necessarily mingle with the sharp-tongued. As for the inhabitants who are sharp throughout their full bodies, they don't circulate much. There is said to be a cavern, broad and shallow-floored, where the perfectly sharp grow old together. They aren't capable of anyone else's company any more — at least, that's what you're told, and you can hardly go and ask. At any rate they are more like growing crystals than like people, slowly expanding and bonding with the rock.

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