Ashore in Visage

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Ashore in Visage
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to Visage

Ashore in Visage is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Ashore in Visage is triggered by doing the Go ashore action in Visage.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Choice of masks[edit | edit source]

Every time you go ashore, you'll head to the customs house (see below), and have to pick a mask. This will make SS masksmall.png Expertise in Parts = 2 (if ≥ 3). This effectively restarts your journey each time, with a small bonus after the first. As soon as you select a mask, you'll return to SS visage portgaz.png Ashore in Visage

Actions Effects Notes
Ask to go about without any mask "No?"


Ask the significance of masks "Assorted pestilences"


Take time to properly read the in-game description if this is your first visit.

The Frog is for visitors, the Locust is for those who seek profit, the Bat is an ill-omened visitor.

Choose the frog mask "Brekkekkekek"
Choose the locust mask "Hunger for all things"
Choose the bat mask "Messenger with no message" It's tricky to progress the story with the bat mask.

Ashore in Visage[edit | edit source]

This is where you select which room you'd like to attend. Depending on your SS masksmall.png Visage: Expertise in Parts and choice of SS maskrosesmall.png Visage: your Mask, different options will be available, and also, within each area, different options await. Some of the locations allow only a single interaction before returning you here, while actions which don't play the part of the mask you wear will have you ejected from the island.

Once your SS masksmall.png Visage: Expertise in Parts = 4, you can swap masks with the Moth, and explore further, eventually being able to enter the SS maskpurplesmall.png Festival of Flourishing, where this story will end.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Check in at the Customs House "Choice of masks" This is actually the first interaction you'll see when you come Ashore in Visage, but it just forces you to the changing room
Visit the Library of Parts "Stoop at the lintel, enter the dark" The Library of Parts is where you learn more about the "part" the masks represent.
Visit the Flood Court "High water"
Trade masks with the Moon-Moth "It is keen to go" Once your SS masksmall.png Visage: Expertise in Parts is high enough, you can trade masks, and unlock new parts of the story.
Visit the House of the Chief Geometer "Lines in wet ground" Add in a little stuff here about what each place does
Visit the Temple of Apis "The wounded god"
Visit the Side of the Face "At the proper time"
Enter the Hollow of the Ear "A proud nose" Bring a SS flaresmall.png Flare if you want to open up extra options.

Game note: This is a journey of several steps, and may conclude your current visit.

The Assigner of Corpses? This is related to Your Father's Bones Ambition and accessible simply by selecting any mask from Choice of masks
End your performance and leave the island "A shame about the Moth" Leave, and leave your mask too.
"Calmer" This is available if you didn't cause troube during the Festival of Flourishing.

Your Father's Bones: the Assigner of Corpses[edit | edit source]

Your Father's Bones: the Assigner of Corpses
SS remainsgaz.png
Category Story Event
Linked to SS Locations Visage.png Visage
Data ID 176399

This is accessed from Visage. You must go Ashore in Visage, pick a mask in the changing room and then speak to the Assigner of Corpses. It will only appear if Your Past is a Natural Philosopher, and your Ambition is to find Your Father's Bones.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Interrogate the Visagers "The blankness of masks" Game note: Find the Fathomking's Hold to continue.
Across the zee "-"
Game note: Find the Fathomking's Hold, somewhere in the south or central Unterzee, to continue.

This will only trigger if you come back after speaking to the Fathomking, before completing his requests.

A Crimson Lion-Mask "A Vital Secret"

Game note: You have your father's bones. Bury them in London to win the game.

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