Attend a Funeral Feast

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Attend a Funeral Feast
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS adamscape portgaz.png Adam's Way
Data ID 181066

Attend a Funeral Feast is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

"The Replete occupy lofty positions in the Presbyterate's military. Despite their sanguinary past, they dine with the Prester and send their children to be educated at London's University. However, they maintain their tradition of eating their dead.

The feasts are held in public. Here in a broad square stretches a splendid table. The departed was only a distant relative - some great-aunt or second cousin - and the atmosphere is jolly. Servants carry the deceased over in steaming joints, cooked to perfect pinkness. A stately mourner stands, already wobbly from wine. "Shall I carve?" "

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Attend a Funeral Feast is triggered by doing the Attend a funeral feast action in SS adamscape portgaz.png Adam's Way.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Merely observe
Accept an invitation to dine "Made welcome"
Sit at the table as a guest of honour "Honoured" Game note: Your Iron will increase.

Sit at the table as a guest of honour "Back to the fold" Game note: Your Veils will increase.

Sit at the table as a guest of honour "You dine" Game note: Your Mirrors will increase.

Sit at the table as a guest of honour "One of the family" Game note: Your Pages will increase.

Hurry away
Steal scraps from the table Failed event
Successful event
"Your prize"
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