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Cargo, formerly called Trade Goods, refers to a broad category of items available for trading between different ports.

List of Passenger Cargo[edit | edit source]

Portrait Passenger Obtaining Portrait Passenger Obtaining
SS mysticsmall.png
A Chequered Character
SS boho8small.png
A Shady Sort
SS coffin2small.png
SS passerbysmall.png
Unsettling Sage
SS delightfuladventuresssmall.png
Delightful Adventuress

List of other Cargo[edit | edit source]

Portrait Trade good Obtaining Portrait Trade good Obtaining
SS sapphiresmall.png
A Casket of Sapphires
SS bookredsmall.png
Approved Romantic Literature
SS parabolalinensmall.png
Bale of Parabola-Linen
SS spidersilksmall.png
Bolts of Spider-Silk
SS bottle2small.png
Cask of Mushroom Wine
SS claymansmall.png
Clay Man, Marked for London
SS flukecoresmall.png
Colossal Fluke-Core
SS bottledsoulbluesmall.png
Crate of Brilliant Human Souls
SS bottledsoulwhitesmall.png
Crate of Human Souls
SS dicesmall.png
Devilbone Dice
SS blemmigansmall.png
Docile Blemmigan
SS boxemptysmall.png
Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS barrelsmall.png
Firkin of Prisoner's Honey
SS flaresmall.png
SS candlespringgreensmall.png
Foxfire Candles
SS fuelsmall.png
SS neptunesharlotsmall.png
SS specimensmall.png
Live Specimen
SS gloamfoamsmall.png
SS hiddensmall.png
SS bookredsmall.png
Romantic Literature
SS coffeesmall.png
Sack of Darkdrop Coffee Beans
SS scintillacksmall.png
SS coffinsmall.png
Soothe & Cooper Long-Box
SS bonessmall.png
SS carcasssmall.png
Strange Catch
SS unterzeesmall.png
Stygian Ivory
SS boxwhitesmall.png
Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box
SS suppliessmall.png
SS coffin2small.png
SS bottledsoulbluesmall.png
Unstamped Crate of Brilliant Souls
SS bottledsoulwhitesmall.png
Unstamped Crate of Human Souls
SS idolfacesmall.png
Watchful Curio
SS soupsmall.png
Passengers Tomb-ColonistA Shady SortChequered CharacterUnsettling Sage
Trade goods Bale of Parabola-LinenBolts of Spider-SilkCask of Mushroom WineClay Man, Marked for LondonColossal Fluke-CoreCrate of Human SoulsDevilbone DiceDocile BlemmiganFirkin of Prisoner's HoneyFoxfire CandlesFuelLive SpecimenMutersaltPrisonerRomantic LiteratureSack of Darkdrop Coffee BeansScintillackSoothe & Cooper Long-BoxSphinxstoneStrange CatchSuppliesTomb-ColonistUnstamped Crate of Bottled SoulsWatchful CurioZzoup

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