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During your game in Sunless Sea, you will sometimes find an interaction with a certain Challenge that you must pass before advancing further.

These challenges can either be unsuccessful or successful according to the Challenge requirement. There are several types of requirements:

  • Stats requirement: these include SS heartssmall.png Hearts, SS veilssmall.png Veils, SS pensmall.png Pages, SS mirrorssmall.png Mirrors and SS ironsmall.png Iron stats. The higher the stats, the higher the probability of being successful.
  • Luck requirement: SS cardfansmall.png Luck is a random chance of either getting unlucky or lucky. You cannot increase your odds of getting lucky.
  • Item requirement: If you have the required item - being Trade goods or Curiosities - you will always be successful.
  • Story or Circumstance requirement: The higher the status of a certain Stories or Circumstances, the higher the probability of being successful.
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