Chapter V: A Nation Is Born

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Chapter V: A Nation Is Born
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 209728

Chapter V: A Nation Is Born is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

The House of Cavy had fallen. Murinia was triumphant. All that remained were the celebrations, and the continuation of our voyage. Oh, how we feasted long into the night. Then...

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Area: Limbo
Frequency: Always (100%)

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
I invited one of the Rattus Faber to join us
After all, what's a ship without a few rats?
Welcome aboard
The Chief Engineer couldn't leave his colony, but he relayed my request to his people...
I interceded on behalf of the cavies
They were crushed, defeated, and I could see their spirits broken without the light of the Rat Star to guide them. They needed an advocate.
The satisfaction of victory
I appealed to the Chief Engineer's moral fortitude and sense of fair play...
Rare event (60%)
A grudging concession
I appealed to the Chief Engineer's moral fortitude and sense of fair play...
The wide dark zee beckoned
We had eaten our fill and our business was concluded. It was time to continue our voyage and see what other wonders and terrors still awaited us.

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SS ratssmall.png Chapter IV: A Vital Enterprise

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