Dawn's Law

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Dawn's Law
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Category Cargo
Data ID 116125

Dawn's Law is considered a Cargo item.

Item description[edit | edit source]

"SHINE WHERE THOU WILT AN THOU HARM NONE. Can the Dawn Machine truly command sunlight? And would you want it to?"

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Dawn's Law can be obtained in the following ways:

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Item location Action name Effect
Grand Geode Ask the Commodore for a defence against sunlight for Aestival


SS sidebardreadedsmall.png 1 x Dread Surmise

SS eaterofnamessmall.png 1 x The Figurehead of the Eater of Names

SS surmisesmall.png 1 x Vital Intelligence

SS crewsmall.png 7 x Crew

SS suppliessmall.png 50 x Supplies

SS aestival portsmall.png Objective: Kingdom = 1

Usage[edit | edit source]

You need Dawn's Law for the following actions:

Passengers Tomb-ColonistA Shady SortChequered CharacterUnsettling Sage
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