Desperate Measures (Fuel)

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Desperate Measures
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 155231

Desperate Measures (Fuel) is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

"Without fuel, your ship is just an oddly shaped house located somewhere you really don't want to live. "

Game note: This will disappear as soon as you have fuel: if you're in a position to purchase some, don't worry about it.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Desperate Measures (Fuel) is triggered at zee if you have the following:

SS fuelsmall.png Fuel ≤ 0,

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Search your Supplies for something of use
There must be something you can repurpose as fuel -
A kind of success
It smells like burning rags, but it'll satisfy the engine's hunger for a little while -
A few last Supplies
Very little remains to you, but if you're lucky, perhaps there's something you can use -
Failed event
No luck
Nothing but barley and bottled ham...
Successful event
It smells like burning rags, but it'll satisfy the engine's hunger for a little while -
Make a sacrifice to Storm
Storm, the god in the roof: angriest of the three. He's as likely to crush you as save you, but you could hardly be worse off, after all.
He will require a death. Time to draw lots. you?
The blood of the sacrifice is black in the deck-lights. The crew are silent. No one will look at anyone else. With a crash like a thunderbolt smashing a cathedral window, a great stalactite strikes the deck! Two things become apparent. Firstly, it has fallen on a second crew-member, crushing them flat. Secondly, it is - improbably - encased in a great bolus of coal...
Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Rare event (50%)
The Great Wave
The blood of the sacrifice is black in the deck-lights. The crew are silent. No one will look at anyone else. The zee stirs. It withdraws; flattens unnaturally; rises in a wave as high as a hill! Your ship is borne up, up, up - high enough that you glimpse the roof of the Neath - and then comes smashing down.
Make a sacrifice to Stone
Stone is the kindest of the gods of the zee, but that's not saying very much. She has a great Wound, from which a river of blood flows. Wound yourself in memory of her, and perhaps she'll show mercy.
The blood flows thick and red
The wound is impossibly hard to staunch. Your ship's doctor fusses with bandages. The deck is awash. Your vision becomes cloudy at the corners. Through a roaring buzz in your ears, you see the puzzled doctor hold up a diamond splinter. "This came from the wound." Thanks, Stone.
Rare event (50%)
An unlikely find
Your ship's doctor bandages the wound efficiently. You pace the deck and ignore the pain as best you can. Your engineer approaches. "Captain - there's more fuel in the bins than I realised. Just a little. I'd looked three times. I'm sure it wasn't there before. But now - it might be enough - "
Make a sacrifice to Salt
Salt, the god of horizons and farewells. Who knows what he'll do? Whisper a secret into the dark, and see.
A white zee-bat
It lands on the rail, and cocks its head. It blinks at you, two tiny eyes like chips of crystal. It rises, and is lost in the deep night of the earth. Your gaze follows it. When your gaze returns to the ship, you realise that the ship is elsewhere. Gasps from your crew tell you you're not imagining it. Perhaps it's not where you wanted to be. But that's Salt for you.
Rare event (50%)
A visitor
You whisper your prayer into the dark. Something has heard it: you're terribly certain of that. Perhaps this is Salt's idea of helping. Or perhaps you're just very unlucky.
Fire a distress flare
This is very unlikely to work. If it works, you may regret what it brings. The Unterzee is not exactly aswarm with friendly ships.
Fading glory
The flare rises, rises, rises...
Rare event (15%)
Approaching pirates!
An over-bold pirate cutter falls beneath your guns...
Abandon Ship
Draw lots for lifeboat-places. Cast yourself on the mercy of the waves. There is a tiny chance that you'll find your way back to London, without either crew or ship. Perhaps it'll be better if you don't.
An end to it
One by one, your crew abandon themselves to their fate...
Rare event (20%)
The luckiest of chances
Row, drift, row...

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