Empty Mirrorcatch Box

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Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS boxemptysmall.png
Type Trade good
Data ID 115025

Empty Mirrorcatch Box is considered a Trade goods item. It can be taken to Aestival or the Surface, via the Cumaean Canal Staging Area, and turned into a Sunlight-filled Mirrorcatch Box.

Item description[edit | edit source]

"A chest with an embedded matrix of mirrors: an unlikely device for capturing sunlight."

Usage[edit | edit source]

It is also one of the components of A Serpent-Trap for the Tireless Mechanic's storyline.

Shop availability[edit | edit source]

Shop Item Buy Price Sell Price
SS khansheart portsmall.png Licensed Exchange
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS mechanismsmall.png Traveller's Friend
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
SS scrap2small.png The Fisher of Dawn
    SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box
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