Gall-Eyed Engineer

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Gall-Eyed Engineer
Gall-Eyed Engineer
Position Chief Engineer

SS veilssmall.png +1 x Veils

Data ID 107461

Gall-Eyed Engineer is a potential Chief Engineer crew member.

Character description[edit | edit source]

"Her eyes will hatch soon. But until then, she wants to work."

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Gall-Eyed Engineer is obtained automatically if you have chosen Your Past as An ordained priest.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Speak to the Gall-Eyed Engineer[edit | edit source]

Yet she has the potential to see things. When she sees you, she'll remark that "You're so beautiful" dreamily. And then add that "there are briars in your mouth." Her left eye pulses slowly. It's always difficult to know what she's actually seeing.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Increase your Veils
"I want to talk about steam, and motion. I still see every coil of vapour."
An allegory of engines
The Engineer has learnt a great deal about the powers and weaknesses of steel and fire and water...
Game note: Spending a Secret will improve your Veils, but no higher than 50.

What does she want?
Why has she come to zee in this state?
"My eyes will hatch soon."
"The gallblighter wasp...
Game note: Kingeater's Castle can be found in the far south-east of the Unterzee.

Interactions in Brief[edit | edit source]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
Who were you? 'An ordained priest' DefaultEvent +1
Kingeater's Castle 'Eat your crew' DefaultEvent 0
Kingeater's Castle 'Allow the Gall-Eyed Engineer to go ashore' Quality Required ≥ 1
Kingeater's Castle 'Allow the Gall-Eyed Engineer to go ashore' DefaultEvent -1
Tending the Rose Garden 'Offer her the Gall-Eyed Engineer' Quality Required ≥ 1
Tending the Rose Garden 'Offer her the Gall-Eyed Engineer' DefaultEvent 0

Interactions in Detail[edit | edit source]

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Story Action Required Effect
Who were you? An ordained priest None Default:

Kingeater's Castle Allow the Gall-Eyed Engineer to go ashore
    SS gallblightergallsgaz.png Gall-Eyed Engineer ≥ 1


Tending the Rose Garden Offer her the Gall-Eyed Engineer
    SS gallblightergallsgaz.png Gall-Eyed Engineer ≥ 1

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