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Welcome to Sunless Sea! So you bought the game and want to know it better? You came to the right place!

New Game[edit | edit source]

Once you select New Game a new screen will appear. This screen is the Character creation screen and it allows you to choose who you were or start the game right away. You can always choose your past later in the game by talking to your Officers but we will talk about that later.

Ok, I got my character. What now?[edit | edit source]

Once you get your character and leave the Character creation screen, you will immediately see Fallen London interactions screen. Before getting into detail about locations and ports, let's talk a little about this screen.

Gazetteer[edit | edit source]

You, as a zee captain, have a Gazetteer. This is your main game interaction screen where you can view your ship's Hold, Journal, Officers and - when docked - Story, Shops and Shipyard. The screen you're currently looking at is the Story tab screen and, as the name suggests, allows you to perform actions that influence your story in Sunless Sea.

Pressing G on your keyboard or clicking on the red cross located at the top-right corner of the Gazetteer will close this screen. Once closed, pressing G on your keyboard will open it.

For now close the Gazetteer.

What is this screen?[edit | edit source]

Once you close the Gazetteer you will the see Sunless Sea User Interface. This screen shows you all the elements that are required to sail - or zail - the Unterzee. This screen can be divided into eight categories:

Before continuing, visit any page that you're unfamiliar with. Check also the Game mechanics page for further info.

Ok, I know all the game elements. What's next?[edit | edit source]

Well, now it's all up to you! What do you want to do? Do you want to fulfill your ambition? Do you want to know more about your past and about the stories of the Unterzee? You decide!

I want to get rich![edit | edit source]

There are several ways to get rich on Sunless Sea but the most straightforward one is Trade. The game currency is called Echoes. You can trade by visiting Shops in any ports that have one. Don't know which Cargo to buy or where to buy it? Visit the Item list page to know more.

Trade can be slow especially with the small hold capacity of the starter Ligeia-class steamer; after your first one or two trips you will have an opportunity to accept A Proposal from a Man of Business doing some smuggling, and/or carrying out Admiralty commissions for The Dark-Spectacled Admiral. Exploring further areas may also reveal other lucrative opportunities to ferry cargo (licit and less so) or find rare treasures.

I want to explore![edit | edit source]

You can sail the Unterzee in your ship as long as you please, but be warned: sailing far away from light sources and the shore will cause your Terror to increase. Additionally, there are monsters out there that don't mind keeping you company.

On the other hand, discovering new locations earns you Fragments. These increase your Fragment bar and once the bar is full you will get a Secret. This item can be used to either raise your captain statistics by talking to your Officers, sell to The University in Fallen London for Echoes or for various other stories and interactions.

I want to learn the stories in Sunless Sea![edit | edit source]

London is the main location in Sunless Sea. From here, you will set sail to an unknown world full of mysteries, intrigues, romance and death.

In order to do so, you will need to interact. This is usually done in the Story tab, located in your Gazetteer. Each interaction has a prerequisite to enable it and an effect, either positive or negative. Some interactions may be locked due to time variables, others due to lack of items. Some will require you to be successful when performing Challenges.

Also, if you did not choose your past in the beginning of the game, you can always talk to your Officers and change that.

I was murdered/drowned/... Is it over?[edit | edit source]

Not quite! When you die in Sunless Sea you can start a new game as a different zee-captain and choose which stats to carry over by deciding the new captain's relationship to their recently deceased predecessor:

  • Rival: You can pass on one weapon and 50% of your Iron stat. Particularly handy for expensive or rare weaponry.
  • Pupil: You can pass on half of your money and 50% of your Mirrors stat.
  • Salvager: You can pass on half of your money and 50% of your Veils stat.
  • Shipmate: You can preserve an Officer and 50% of your Hearts stat. Useful if you have advanced an Officer's storyline and don't want to lose the progress.
  • Correspondent: You can preserve your chart and 50% of your Pages stat. All the discoveries of the Unterzee made while sailing will be kept. (Note that this will prevent your new captain from gaining Fragments from exploration of any previously discovered areas!)

I don't know what/where/who...?[edit | edit source]

If you have any questions about a specific topic, search for it on this Wiki. Chances are you will find what you are looking for. If not, maybe create a new page or talk page to discuss with the rest of the members.

Safe zeefaring!