Green and Gold

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Description[edit | edit source]

The silence will press on the ship with the weight of a cathedral, but we will pass the Song from mouth to mouth, and forge on, East. The zee around us will brighten further: forest-green, grass-green, green-and-gold. Mountains will rise ahead of us, flecked with light, their slopes veiled in forest. Mist will stream upwards from the zee. The beaches of that land ahead will be limned in silver like the painted moon. Our ship will beach, flawlessly and whole. She will never turn her prow homewards. I will sift the sand through my fist. I will lift my eyes to where the mountains rise, the loom and lilt of them, the sky where I will go. Salt is smiling.

Trigger Conditions[edit | edit source]

Comes from The Sun beneath the Sea.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Select your Trophy.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Once, you said...

"The zee is wide, but I'll always return home."


Look back one last time, at where the zee is dark, and the lights of London invisible. You cannot go back; and yet the traveller is always returning. One came below, long ago, seeking what the Sun had hid. One will rise, one day, to face the White in its hall of poisoned crystal.

Once, you said...

"The zee is my only home."


One day, you'll sail another ship, on another sea more sunless. One day. Salt has crossed greater distances. Salt sails on.

Once, you said...

"I cannot rest until I've crossed the last horizon."


Green-and-gold and glory. This is the last horizon; the one that tempted an emissary, a pawn of the fierce pale thing in darkness. But there is always another horizon. There is a Sunless Sky.