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SS neptunesharlotsmall.png
Category Trade good
Data ID 116050

Harlot-Fry is considered a common Trade good item.

Item description[edit | edit source]

"A bucket of tiny but razor-toothed serpentlings."

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Harlot-Fry can be obtained in the following ways:

Usage[edit | edit source]

Apart from being used for trade, you need Harlot-Fry for the following actions:

  • Can be sold at The Labyrinth of Tigers for 500 Echoes. Note: access to the Labyrinth can only be gained after having died and continued your legacy from a previous game.
  • Can be traded at Gant Pole for 10x Hunting-trophy, worth at least 650 Echoes by themselves (when sold at Scrimshander).

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Interactions in Brief[edit | edit source]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
The Labyrinth of Tigers 'Provide a rare creature of the Labyrinth' Requirement ≥ 1
The Labyrinth of Tigers 'Provide a rare creature of the Labyrinth' Default / Challenge Fail -1
A castaway 'Forewarned' Default / Challenge Fail +1
The Serpent's Lure 'Obliterate it' Default / Challenge Fail +1
The Serpent's Lure 'Obliterate it' Success +1

Interactions in Detail[edit | edit source]

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Story Action Required Effect
The Labyrinth of Tigers Provide a rare creature of the Labyrinth
    SS neptunesharlotsmall.png Harlot-Fry ≥ 1

    SS echosmall.png +500 x Echo

    SS neptunesharlotsmall.png -1 x Harlot-Fry

A castaway Forewarned Default:

The Serpent's Lure Obliterate it Default: Success:

Shop availability[edit | edit source]

Shop Item Buy Price Sell Price
SS bloodstainsmall.png Portentum - The Gant Pole
    SS neptunesharlotsmall.png Harlot-Fry
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