House of Harvests

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House of Harvests
House of Harvests (Map)
Located in Iron Republic

The House of Harvests is a shop that only becomes available when you do the MARKET OF HUNGERS: The Gesundheit Conspiracy action in the Iron Republic, available with Another Day: Iron Republic Days 10 to 14.

Shop description[edit | edit source]

"You will be happy, and healthy. Nothing else remains."

"The merchants are are thin-fleshed and sunken-eyed. "Take", they tell you. "Eat. Only let us drink."

Offer[edit | edit source]

Name Buy Sell Notes
Supplies 15 x Echo - Sells only. This is the cheapest one can get supplies for in The Neath.
Fuel 8 x Echo - Sells only. Like other shops in Iron Republic, buying fuel here is a brilliant bargain.
Cask of Mushroom Wine 24 x Echo - Sells only. Worse rates than London by 3 echoes per unit. Viable if only purchased in small amounts where going back to London isn't worth the trip, or while expediency is desired.
Firkin of Prisoner's Honey 26 x Echo - Sells only. Worse rates than London by 1 echoes per unit. Same as the above
Soothe & Cooper Long-Box 1 x Captivating Treasure - Sells only. A horrible deal, visit the item's page for better ways of acquisition
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