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Iron Republic
Iron Republic (Map)
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Iron Republic (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Iron Republic.png
Located in Iron Republic
Ports Van Horn Harbour
Shops SS volcanosmall.png Fire in the Belly

SS maggotsmall.png House of Pleasures
SS sunderedseasmall.png The House of Milks
SS heart2small.png House of Harvests
SS appallingsecretsmall.png House of Harms

Shipyard No
Data ID 143349

The Iron Republic is the fiery region south of London, where Fuel is an abundant resource. The Iron Republic became available in the Emerald release.

Port description[edit | edit source]

Hell's client-state. Be wary. Their laws are not the laws of Man or Nature.

Port interactions[edit | edit source]

SS Interactions Iron Republic.png Iron Republic[edit | edit source]

Location description[edit | edit source]

Factory-engines roar like false lions. Blood thunders in the dock-pipes. Crimson lightning skitters across the deck, leaps to the rail, coils there like a cat. The city is reflected in glassy-calm harbour water: the citizens there have the heads of dogs and serpents.

Hell has brought freedom to the Iron Republic: freedom from all laws, even those of nature.

Shops[edit | edit source]

While SS volcanosmall.png Fire in the Belly sells cheap Fuel (and nothing but Fuel), the MARKET OF HUNGERS is a cycle of 4 different shops, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the Iron Republic. Only one of those is available at any time. The current shop is chosen based on SS ironrepublicsmall.png Another Day: Iron Republic Days Quality, which is normally changed with every other SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You. To switch the current shop, sail until the next SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You event.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes

Your fears line up on the quay, waiting, waving like old lovers.

As you touch the dock, your fears leap fondly into your waiting arms. They dissolve. Gather the oily scraps they left.

Game note: The higher your Terror, the more Fragments you've received.
Engage an Officer: the Irrepressible Cannoneer

“Captain! Are you looking for a gunner? I'm looking for a ship! Here are my references!! Here are more references!! Here's my design for a whistling shell!! Here's my colleague!! (He'll stay on shore.) Here's my hand!!! Will you take it?” Game note: The Cannoneer is a Gunnery Officer who substantially increases Iron.

“Welcome aboard!!”

“Oh, this is interesting. Room for improvement! There's always room for improvement. Wait: let me make notes. Paper!!”

Game note: Appoint your new Officer by dragging them from the Officers tab to his slot at the top of the screen. Do this in port, not at sea, or you may unsettle your crew.
Allow your zailors time ashore

An open door

The city is a temple where shattered columns

Let slip from time to time impossible thoughts;

Man finds his way through labyrinths of words capture his own eyes.

What happened? Did you pay for it? Why did you pay for it?

Game note: Probably this will increase your Terror. Perhaps something else horrible will happen.

Rare event (30%)
Tea with devils

How you all laughed! Their yellow eyes remain with you, swimming in your vision, as you stagger back to the ship with the skull in the tea-cosy. The eyes remain literally, that is - they coalesce in the palm of your hand each time you open it. Devils and their flirtations. At least you have the tea-cosy.

MARKET OF HUNGERS: The Parliament of Flies

The Market of Hungers, with its spires and sigils. Is it a parody of the Bazaar? Today, flies fill its arcades. Buzz, buzz.

A new day comes

Game note: Visit the Shops tab. After this visit, the Parliament will no longer be here: the Republic will seek zzoup and supplies instead.

Rare event (70%)
The murk folds

Game note: Visit the Shops tab.

MARKET OF HUNGERS: The Calvary Doctrine

On days such as this, the Market is filled with crucified dragons and laws-in-waiting. They whistle a welcome.

Game note: Visit the Shops tab. After this visit, the Doctrine will no longer be here: the Republic will seek wine and honey instead.
Rare event (70%)
Game note: Visit the Shops tab. The merchants in their Doctrine-masks will accept Echoes.

MARKET OF HUNGERS: The Gesundheit Conspiracy

'HELL PROVIDES' reads the sign above the Market of Hungers, today. Perhaps tomorrow, too.

Game note: Visit the Shops tab. After this visit, the Doctrine will no longer be here: the Republic will seek bone instead.

Bug note: Sometimes Iron Republic Days gets stuck at certain value so only the Gesundheit Conspiracy appears. To unstick it, do "Allow your zailors time ashore".

Rare event (70%)
Even the air carries sustenance.

Game note: Visit the Shops tab.


Today the Republic inhales bone, exhales souls. Are you here to gather the souls?

Game note: Visit the Shops tab. After this visit, the Expulsus will no longer be here: the Republic will seek zzoup and supplies.

Rare event (70%)
Game note: Visit the Shops tab. After this visit, the Expulsus will no longer be here: the Republic will seek scintillack and the satisfactions of lusts.

Compile a Port Report

It won't be entirely straightforward. The streets won't lie straight, and the ink freezes whenever you look away from the inkwell.

Fact and fiction

To record the Republic's events - it's like trying to sing wax or believe water. You do what you can. The third paragraph buds eyes. The date is fundamentally wrong. The full-stops bite. You do what you can.

Your Another Day: Iron Republic Days do not affect the results.

Bring the Port Report to The Admiralty Survey Office in London for

-1 x Terror and +10 x Echo or +2 to +4 x Terror and +1 to +3 x Fragment.

Rare event (50%)
New passions

The sensations of the Republic are overwhelming. This is a desire for years. That is a hatred for fountains. Here is an emotion that can only be expressed mathematically. Now you are awash with a nostalgia for the hatching of the egg. Write it down. Write it all down. Perhaps you'll be rid of it.

Compile a Port Report

It won't be entirely straightforward. The streets won't lie straight, and the ink freezes whenever you look away from the inkwell.

A bitter taste

You've written - you've written something. Your hand cramps. Your mouth is thick with a vile taste, as if you had been eating wasps. Your tongue burns. Your throat is sore. This place is not right.

This is an unusual port report. Instead of taking it to The Admiralty Survey Office in London, drop it off at The Brass Embassy for a A Lump of Blue Scintillack.

This action was also supposed to reset Another Day: Iron Republic Days to 1, but currently it does not, possibly a bug. If don't perform any other action that changes the day, this can be exploited to trade this special report back and forth in The Brass Embassy to gather multiple Blue Scintillacks easily, at the cost of -1 x Iron each. But it also means you must find another way to reset the days if you want to, for example, re-open the House of Pleasures.

Fund a Tittering Artificer's Project

"...nearly ready yes yes nearly ready I need more. You can have the prototype. When it's done. Take it, kill with it. I want to see what damage you can do. Ammunition will be difficult. It will cost you so much. So much. But the weapon. Oh! the weapon!"

Icarus in Black

"IT IS DONE. The flesh is not important, you see? It's the passion. The lessons. The spirit forged like a spear. All the spears. Into the hearts of monsters. Did I mention I don't like monsters? Monsters! Kill them for me. With my weapon. Go forth, and crack Mt Nomad. Yes."

Game note: This is a Forward-mounted weapon with unusual characteristics.
Seek a Tittering Artificer's help to awaken the Seal

"I know people here!" the Cannoneer confides. "From the old days. Hm. Perhaps we shouldn't talk about the old days."

An awakening

The Cannoneer and the Artificer place the Judgements' Egg on the Seal, and apply their instruments. The light in the Artificer's chamber grows dim. This, then, is what it sounds like when a soul screams...

When they're done, the Egg lies in shards, and the Seal looks little different, but there is a watchfulness about it. The Artificer shakes the Cannoneer's hand. "I've missed working with you," she says. "I've missed it so much."

The Cannoneer grins that grin. "Nearly done! We can mount it on the bridge, if you like. But we'll need a housing if we want to use it further. It'll have to be heartmetal. I knew a man, long ago... but I hear he went to Station III. (Swam there, the story says.) If you can get us the run of Station III, I can get you in to see him."

"No, I don't know where Station III is. It's a secret."

Sell the Memento Mori to a purchaser in the Iron Republic

The Iron Republic has no government, no representatives. But it has plenty of citizens eager to purchase an engine of destruction.


A Wild-Eyed Prophet-Namer purchases the Memento for a cart-load of weird and sinister objects. "I will use it," she promises you. "I will use it for me."

Game note: This will gain you a Captivating Treasure, a Mirrorcatch Box, a bowl of Zzoup, thirteen Devilbone Dice and seven Secrets.
Put a blemmigan ashore

How will nature fare in a place which defies its laws?

Fungal horror

The blemmigan spins boldly down the gang-plank. It seems startled when it meets itself on the quay, twice. Its duplicates bob solicitously, like ambassadors greeting their peers, and continue past it, up into your ship. The first blemmigan vanishes into the crowd. The other two peer up at you as if to say: are we quite finished here?

Seek help for Sacks and Snow: The Snow Child's Name

A dapper devil listens to Sacks and Snow: The Snow Child's Name's story with glee. "Oh, yes, I know just the thing. For a delightfully excessive price, of course."

A simple violation of nature's laws

"Such a sweet child, and there's the problem. Sweetness never lasts. A drop on the tongue, and pffft - gone. No good. No good at all. Bitterness, dear Sacks and Snow: The Snow Child's Name, that's what you need. Ice must melt and snow must thaw, but nothing lingers quite like a good, hard grudge. Let me share one of my favourites, taken from a man who may never escape the smell of our burning roses."

The devil whispers something not for your ears. The Snow Child's face fills with captivated horror. The devil smiles. "Just so! Now, to hold it in place, I recommend... oh, what do you call it? Heartmetal. Yes. I hear your people have been doing delightfully terrible things with it lately, and for all the wrong reasons. A fine apprenticeship. We really must reconsider sharing some of our notes. Take them this, with our compliments."

Game note: Scintillack can be found in the Principles of Coral, and elsewhere around the Zee.
Parting with the Crotchety Tobacconist

He breathes in deeply and nods his approval. "If I could wrap this place into a cigar, I'd be rich."

The Crotchety Tobacconist shakes your hand vigorously. "I owe you my gratitude. This will be a fine place for us to produce more of those underwater beauties. By this time next year, should have the entire zee burning." He extracts a cigar from his seemingly bottomless case, but pauses before lighting it. "Thank you again, my friend."
Parting with the Crotchety Tobacconist

He sniffs the air, and sneers. "What a foul stink. But I suppose this is where I must stay."

The Crotchety Tobacconist strides off your deck while glaring upward into the crimson lights of the Iron Republic. "They'll help me here," he chunters. "I'll make a working underwater cigar. Then a dozen, twelve dozen, no, more! From the Fathomking to the Empress, they will know me." As he departs, you catch: "It'll burn; it'll all burn..." The zailor seeing him onto the dock rolls her eyes, then smirks when she sees you've noticed.

Triggered interactions[edit | edit source]

These only trigger when you are docked in Iron Republic.

SS Interactions Hydrogen for the Empire of Hands.png Hydrogen for the Empire of Hands[edit | edit source]

View the Hydrogen for the Empire of Hands page.

This interaction appears if you have the following:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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