Khanate War Trimaran

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Khanate War Trimaran
SS khanatetrimaran topgaz.png
Type Pirate
Stats Hull: 210

Crew: 20

Khanate War Trimarans roam the Unterzee.

Behavior[edit | edit source]


  • Deck Salvo 03: Base Damage: 12, Arc 200, Range 140, Warmup 10 s
  • Forward Salvo TNT: Base Damage 7, Arc 50, Range 250, Crew Damage 4, Warmup 16 s

Looting[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Send home with a prize crew
    SS crewsmall.png Crew ≥ 7

    SS cardfansmall.png Luck challenge (60% to win)

Failed event
Into the darkness
Successful event
Awaiting your pleasure
Seize and loot her!

Take what you can. Imprison or cut down any Khaganians that remain.

What's in the hold?

See what remains. You've won no favour with the Khanate here today - take whatever you can.

Let her go
Surprise and confusion

Raw Game Data[edit | edit source]

  • "BehaviourName": "aggressive",
  • "DormantBehaviour": "Wandering",
  • "AwareBehaviour": "HuntingPlus",
  • "MovementSpeed" : 15,
  • "RotationSpeed" : 0.2,
  • "CombatAttackNames": "DeckSalvo03","ForwardSalvoTNT",