Legacy of the First Emperor

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Legacy of the First Emperor
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 176669

Legacy of the First Emperor is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

The lost treasure has been found. Now for the easy bit.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

SS monkeysmall.png Empire of Hands: Monkey Business ≥ 9999
Area: Empire of Hands
Frequency: Always (100%)

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
The Burial Chamber
The First Emperor's bones lie in state, surrounded by souls in spheres of blue, green and silver.
The Delightful Adventuress applauds politely
"Oh, very, very fine work," she declares, taking a moment to admire the architecture before turning her attention to the souls...
Attack the Delightful Adventuress
This entirely unexpected betrayal will not stand!
Failed event
A blade with a sting
The Delightful Adventuress tuts...
Successful event
Obey the Delightful Adventuress
You've done everything else she asked...
The Delightful Adventuress lowers the rapier, smiles tightly
"It is nothing personal of course," she adds...
The Clay Man finishes gathering the souls
This could be going better...
A Delightful Scheme
"Such simple things, aren't they?
A calculated risk
With the bag over her shoulder, she's going to be slower. You just have to avoid that poisoned sword...
And a loyal Clay Man, of course
You barely get close before Barnabas' arms close around yours...
Do nothing, form a plan later
The monkeys built this tomb by copying stories. The stories always have a way out.
Not however the door
"Well, that's that then," she says, backing out of the Vault...
Attempt to dig a way out
She won't get away with this!
A helping hand
Barnabas immediately joins you in the excavation...
Search for a way out
If only you could see just a little better...
The flare lights up the entire chamber...
The Monkey Foundling to the rescue!
From above comes a familiar, mischievous cry
She slides down a rope into the Vault
"Hullo! -
The Monkey Foundling to the rescue!
If any of your crew was going to save you...
She slides down a rope into the Vault
"Capt'n! -
Use your extra dynamite
Somehow you knew it would be worth going back for more...
What the Delightful Adventuress dropped in your way, you soon clear...
A fading taste of red honey
What is it, just on the edge of remembrance?
A vague memory of something to come
You bite down on the chip, and memories flood...
You have nothing to dig with but your hands
Even so, you're making progress. Bit by bit! You just have to hope that it's enough, and the rest of the Vault hasn't collapsed on itself.
Too slow! Much too slow!
It's not enough to get out, you need a ship to be waiting on the other side...
Rare event (20%)
Yes! You break through!
It's pitch black on the other side, but the damage to the Vault was minimal...
Split the Legacy three ways
You, the Mayor, and Barnabas. Though it seems unlikely that the Mayor will agree to a straight three way split...
Failed event
Negotiations could have gone better
If only the Mayor was still the flea-ridden bureaucrat who met you on your arrival to the Empire...
Successful event
Negotiations go well
It is perhaps not the great treasure you might have hoped for, but they will sell for a fine price...
A Delightful Reunion
It appears the Delightful Adventuress is having problems of her own by the rowboats.
A double betrayal
Whatever the once-Flea Ridden Mayor of Port Stanton took from the Delightful Adventuress' soul, it evidently came with her loose grip on ethics...
Team up with the Delightful Adventuress
With her poisoned rapier and your wits, you can take out these uppity apes.
She almost, but doesn't quite, register surprise
"There! -
Propose a fair deal
Split the souls three ways, and everyone can be happy.
The Delightful Adventuress and Mayor agree
Team up with the Mayor
Even if you defeat him, there could be an army of his kind between you and your ship.
The Delightful Adventuress snarls
"Species traitor! -
Triumph of the Delightful Adventuress
Barnabas' clay muscles seem to swell as he lumbers forward, silent but purposeful.
An unfinished man of clay
Clay Men are obedient...
Donate the Legacy to the Zeppelin
This will completely fulfil its requirement for Souls. The Mayor keeps the remainder to do with as he chooses. You receive the payment from the Wildweald Court.
The Mayor agrees
Of course he does...
Punish the Delightful Adventuress
She deserves it. And she's not getting a ride home.
Barnabas dips his head in farewell
He follows the monkeys into the woods towards their boat, still carrying a thrashing Delightful Adventuress...
Let Barnabas decide her fate
He is after all the one that she betrayed the most.
Barnabas nods, ignoring the angry protests
He follows the monkeys into the woods towards their boat, still carrying a thrashing Delightful Adventuress...
You are not going to abandon anyone to the monkeys.
The Mayor's eyes flash with annoyance
He does not however push the issue as he leaves with his men...

Links[edit | edit source]

Links In[edit | edit source]

SS blacksmall.png The Vault of the First Emperor

Links Out[edit | edit source]

No outbound links. Probably returns to port.

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