Lineage: Captains Lost

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Lineage: Captains Lost
Category Quality
Type Lineage
Data ID 116006

Lineage: Captains Lost is considered a Lineage Quality in Sunless Sea.

Linked to[edit | edit source]

Quality description[edit | edit source]

"Captains have died. These things happen. Others will challenge the Unterzee."

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Quality status[edit | edit source]

Lineage: Captains Lost has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Interaction description[edit | edit source]

  • [1] Your first captain has died. DON'T WORRY. These things happen. Explore boldly with your next captain.
  • [2] A second captain has been lost to the Unterzee.
  • [3] The Unterzee does not forgive, and it has not forgiven your third captain.
  • [4] Four captains, now, will never return to London.
  • [5] A fifth captain has given their life to the cause of exploration.
  • [6] Six captains have made their final sacrifice.
  • [7] Seven is the number.
  • [8] An eighth captain has gone where all captains go in the end.
  • [9] A ninth captain gone. Let us bow our heads, but only for a moment.
  • [10] Ten captains lost, and still the zee is hungry.
  • [11] Eleven captains. Shall we make it a dozen?
  • [12] A round dozen of your captains have been abandoned to light, time and hope.
  • [13] Unlucky thirteen. Not that the previous twelve were especially lucky.
  • [14] A zailor's dozen of captains have been lost at zee.
  • [15] Fifteen captains gone.
  • [16] Sixteen captains gone.
  • [17] A seventeenth captain has gone down into the abyss; yea, into the abyss.
  • [18] An eighteenth captain, and still the zee waits for the gifts you will bring it.
  • [19] Nineteen captains; thirty-eight eye-sockets there in the dark.
  • [20] Twenty captains, now. Perhaps they feast around a table in the Fathomking's castle, exchanging toasts and jokes. Perhaps their bones blacken below.
  • [21] Twenty-one captains. We will all come to this.
  • [22] Twenty-two captains. Timor mortis conturbat me. You too, probably.
  • [23] Psalm 23: though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, yet shall you fear no evil. Your captain isn't so lucky, though.
  • [24] Two dozen captains gone! We commend your dedication.
  • [25] Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook? Perhaps with a twenty-fifth captain? Apparently not.
  • [26] Another captain lost.
  • [42] Another captain lost! Don't panic.
  • [43] How many more captains will you feed to the zee?
  • [44] The zee has taken another captain. They probably deserved it.
  • [50] You are getting through a lot of captains. Never mind: there are always more.
  • [51] So many captains, so little time.
  • [52] The deep places teem with your forebears.
  • [53] Another captain down.
  • [69] Someone has a dirty mind.
  • [70] _Another_ captain down.
  • [77] To lose one captain may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose seventy-seven looks like carelessness.
  • [78] And still they come.
  • [100] Seriously?

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Interactions in Brief[edit | edit source]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
Lost With All Hands 'Into darkness' DefaultEvent +1
Shipwrecked! 'Slip beneath the waves' DefaultEvent +1
The Final Blow 'Into darkness' DefaultEvent +1

Interactions in Detail[edit | edit source]

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Story Action Required Effect
Lost With All Hands Into darkness Default:
    SS generic unterzee3small.png +1 x Lineage: Captains Lost

Shipwrecked! Slip beneath the waves Default:

The Final Blow Into darkness Default:
    SS generic unterzee3small.png +1 x Lineage: Captains Lost

Triggered Events[edit | edit source]

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Story Requirements Type Location
The Labyrinth of Tigers

Story Event (100%) Fallen London

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