Menaces: A Parlous Condition

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Menaces: A Parlous Condition
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Category Quality
Type Menaces
Linked to Shipwheelgaz.png Desperate Measures

Menaces: A Parlous Condition is considered a Menaces Quality in Sunless Sea.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Menaces: A Parlous Condition can be obtained by doing the Abandon Ship action in the Shipwheelgaz.png Desperate Measures event and getting the The luckiest of chances result.

Quality status[edit | edit source]

Menaces: A Parlous Condition has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the number in front of the quality.

Interaction description[edit | edit source]

  • [0] You've made it back to land...
  • [1] Your ship is lost.
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