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Menaces: Khaganian Suspicion is considered a Menaces Quality in Sunless Sea. The greater it's value reaches, the more liable to negative effects you become while visiting Khanate.

Menaces: Khaganian Suspicion
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Category Quality
Type Menaces
Linked to Khan's Glory
Khan's Heart
A Pewter Horsehead
Data ID 110465


Linked toEdit

It is linked to the Khanate distrust of foreigners.

Quality descriptionEdit

"The Khanate distrusts all foreign nations, but London in particular."


This quality is gained by doing some actions in Khan's Heart and Khan's Glory.

Story location Interaction name Effect
Khan's Glory Cruise past the clan palaces

If unsuccessful:

If successful:

Khan's Heart Gather intelligence
Pay a storyteller
Purchase Supplies at a ludicrous price

You can lose 0 to 5 x Khaganian Suspicion by doing the Plead your case with the Taimen action in Khan's Glory and if you have 1 x A Pewter Horsehead you will get -1 x Menaces: Khaganian Suspicion by doing the Show a Pewter Horsehead action in Khan's Heart.

Quality statusEdit

The Menaces: Khaganian Suspicion has different status according to your actions, defined by the number in front of the quality.

  • The White-and-Golds are watching you. (1 to 9)
  • Your movements in the Khanate may be curtailed. (10 to 14)
  • Tread carefully: you should visit Khan's Glory to petition the Taimen Clan for mercy. (15 to 19)
  • You are liable to arrest in the Khanate! Visit Khan's Glory and petition the Taimen Clan. (20)