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"We sighted Mt Nomad again today, still afloat but listing, her dark glass flanks scored and pitted from the cannon-fire in our previous encounter. This will be the last battle. This monster has harrowed the seas too long."

You'll meet pirates, monsters, ill-tempered customs officers, many of them interchangeable. But some of your enemies will flee from you, to change and grow as part of a larger arc until you can finally hunt them down. Perhaps they'll become your obsession: perhaps you'll risk everything to end them.

List of monsters[edit | edit source]

Zee-Creatures[edit | edit source]

Portrait Name Statistics Notes
SS Monsters Auroral Megalops.png
Auroral Megalops
  • Health: 20
These are the younger form of gargantuan zee-crabs, driven up from their spawning grounds in the south by peculiar radiations. Younger they may be, but they are still large enough to consume a pony with messy and clattering glee, or to pose a menace to ill-prepared ships.
SS Monsters Albino Moray.png
Albino Moray
  • Health: 210
Albino Moray is an uncommon mid-level encounter found in the north of Demeaux's Reach as well as near Port Cecil.
SS Monsters Angler Crab.png
Angler Crab
  • Health: 150 (Western)
  • Health: 300 (Eastern)
  • Health: 600 (Elder)
These are the adult form of gargantuan zee-crabs, driven up from their spawning grounds in the south by peculiar radiations. They are named for their two large, luminescent illiciae reminiscent of anglerfish, but their function is unknown.
SS Monsters Bat Swarm.png
Bat Swarm
  • Health: 20
The Neath is the home of these blood sucking creatures that won't hesitate to attack you. Their fast attack speed and long detection range make combating them difficult.
  • Health: 210
These fierce, but dapper, fish stalk the waters near the southern coast.
SS Monsters Beloved.png
  • Health: 180
SS Monsters Blue Prophets.png
Blue Prophets
  • Health: 500
Found near Port Carnelian and the Crying Heights.
SS Monsters Boundling.png
  • Health: 220
Dissecting it for knowledge can repair your Hull slightly.
SS Monsters Bound Shark.png
Bound Shark
  • Health: 140 (Bound Shark)
  • Health: 210 (Particularly Tormented BS)
Collecting Observations gains Terror in addition to Fragment. Dissecting it for knowledge can repair your Hull slightly.
SS Monsters Constant Companion.png
Constant Companion
  • Health: 700
Underwater giant spider that appears if you dive with Terror > 65.
SS Monsters Dawn Fluke.png
Dawn Fluke
  • Health: 500
Only found on the Unterzee floor, near the Dawn Machine.
  • Health: 50
A ubiquitous creature whose death throes are reminiscent of the face on Visage. It dives very often and is very fast.
SS jillyfishgaz.png
  • Health: 400
SS Monsters Lifeberg.png
  • Health: 400
Though powerful, this resident of the northwestern waters cannot dive and is very slow.
SS fluke topgaz.png
  • Health: 600 (Lorn-Fluke)
  • Health: 750 (Savage Lorn-Fluke)
A zee-beast capable of using ranged, Terror-inflicting attacks. It can be found near The Fathomking's Hold, The Chelonate, Aestival, and the Empire of Hands.
SS Monsters Lornest-Fluke.png
  • Health: 350
A zee-beast capable of using ranged, Terror-inflicting attacks.
Milliner Bats map.png
Milliner Bats
  • Health: 460
Fights similarly to Blue Prophets. Found near Varchas.
SS Monsters Mt Nomad.png
Mt Nomad
  • Health: 1000
A living mountain that attacks enemies with Terror as well as damage. Lurks near the Chapel of Lights.
SS Monsters Neither.png
  • Health: 200
SS thalattegaz.png
  • Health: 420
Tree Of Ages.png
Tree of Ages
  • Health: 900
Event boss and extreme rare spawn near Saviour's Rocks killing it award The Tree of Ages Uprooted.
SS Monsters Triskelegant.png
  • Health: 260
SS Monsters Terror Moth.png
Tyrant Moth
  • Health: 500
Found near the Ragged Crow lighthouse and in Gossamer Way.

Enemy Ships[edit | edit source]

Portrait Name Statistics Notes
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Alcaeus-class Corvette
  • Hull: 180
  • Crew: 16
Occasionally found near Nuncio and Demeaux Island. Has the same in-game graphic as the weaker Steam-Pinnance. The Alcaeus-class is extremely agile and employs multiple weapons including flares.
SS unfinishedundergalleygaz.png
Corsair Undergalley
  • Hull: 30
  • Crew: 5
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnace
  • Hull: 80
  • Crew: 8
Fires faster and is tougher than the normal Pirate Steam-Pinnace.
SS eaterofnamesgaz.png
Eater of Names
  • Hull: 700
  • Crew: 77
Close to The Gant Pole
SS Faustic Corsair Small.png
Faustic Corsair
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 30
Found patrolling near Mount Palmerston.
SS dreadnaughtglorious topgaz.png
Glorious Dreadnought
  • Hull: 500
  • Crew: 50
Found near Adam's Way and the Kingeater's Castle.
SS frigateglorious topgaz.png
Glorious Frigate
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 30
Found near the Dawn Machine and Grand Geode.
The Irrepressible
  • Hull: 400
  • Crew: 50
Found near the Gant Pole (Unter-Unterzee).
SS Monsters Khanatezub.png
Khanate Zubmarine
  • Hull: 300
  • Crew: 40
SS Monsters War Trimaran.png
Khanate War Trimaran
  • Hull: 210
  • Crew: 20
These warships can be found patrolling the Khanate territories.
SS Monsters Pirate Frigate.png
Pirate Frigate
  • Hull: 90
  • Crew: 10
These are stronger than Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnaces and Pirate Steam-Pinnaces, but is significantly weaker than Glorious Frigates.
SS Monsters Pirate Steam-Pinnace.png
Pirate Steam-Pinnace These early game pirates will test your skills as a zee captain. Prove them wrong. Crack Pirate Steam-Pinnace is their tougher counterpart.
SS Monsters Putterpony.png
  • Hull: 120
  • Crew: 8
Rat-Barge These patrol the waters of Rattsey, around Nuncio.
SS dreadnaughtimperial topgaz.png
Republican Dreadnought
  • Hull: 400
  • Crew: 40
South of the Iron Republic and around the Elder Continent. Very high firepower and wide angle of fire - can hit you when you're behind it.
SS unfinished piratesgaz.png
Unfinished Pirates
  • Hull: 75
  • Crew: 15
Unfinished Men pirates are commonly found near Polythreme and sometimes also near the Cumaean Canal.
SS unfinished piratesgaz.png
Unfinished Revolutionaries
  • Hull: 210
  • Crew: 20
Found near the Iron Republic. Substantially tougher than the normal Unfinished Pirates.
SS Monsters Wreckship.png
  • Hull: 360
  • Crew: 25
Wreckships are commonly hiding on the zee-floor near Wrack.

Neutral Ships[edit | edit source]

Rarely, you may encounter ships that aren't particularly hostile towards you. These ships can be attacked and sunken for loot, which is considered piracy. Sinking a neutral ship will net you a Cache of Curiosities. Neutral ships appear in the form of blue Tramp Steamers; reskins of the Ligeia-Class Steamer, and will have unique names (Among observed names are "Salamander" and "Tigerish"). Neutral ships will be set to reach a certain port, and once within proximity of the docks, will despawn, because they do not have a proper animation for docking.These ships are currently very buggy, and may disappear if provoked. If attacked, a Tramp Steamer will retaliate, but they are otherwise unresponsive to the player or other monsters/ships.