Mount Palmerston

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Mount Palmerston
Mount Palmerston (Map)
SS Locations Mount Palmerston Map.png
Mount Palmerston (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Mount Palmerston.png
Located in Palmerston's Reach
Ports Port Palmerston
Shops SS breadsmall.png Daily Bread

SS digsmall.png Malebolge Excavations

Shipyard No
Data ID 138473

Mount Palmerston. It lies on the Palmerston's Reach and is an island with a volcano, fire and brimstone, lots of brimstone.

Port description[edit | edit source]

Brimstone. Always brimstone.

Port interactions[edit | edit source]

SS Interactions Mount Palmerston.png Mount Palmerston[edit | edit source]

Location description[edit | edit source]

Sullen lights glow green at the jetty's edge. Behind the port buildings, the island is is knee-deep in ash. There are ruins here and there, of houses destroyed by fire. Far above, the mountain's top flickers red: just for an instant.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Explore the island

Tangles of thorned scrub climb the rocky slopes of the volcano. There are ruins here and there, of houses destroyed by fire.

A vista

A shape hurries up the path to you

Running water

Fresh water! A welcome sound -

Engage an Officer: the Merciless Modiste

“Ah, yes, you will do nicely. I need a ship, dear heart, and I rather flatter myself that you need me.”

Game note: The Merciless Modiste is a First Officer who increases Iron, Veils and Hearts.

Chat to the port-folk about the Brimstone Convention

There was a revolution in Hell: and the aristocracy of devils fled here. Here, they plot in exile.

A shrug and a curse

“They don't do us any harm. They stay up there, and we stay down here. If Hell's fighting itself, that's good for us all, isn't it?”

Bring the Port Report to The Admiralty Survey Office in London for +1 x Admiralty's Favour and +40 x Echo.
Deliver your smuggled souls

A hurried exchange Game note: You'll receive the promised remuneration in London.

"A hurried exchange" Game note: You'll receive the promised remuneration in London.
Find your contact

"Hello, hello. I have zomething for you -"A cowled and buzzing shape clasps your elbow. It whispers in your ear. Its breath is lava and old brass, and a queasy vibration through you were its gloved appendage has taken hold. You have what you came for. Back aboard ship, quickly Your vision blurs. Perhaps you are unwell.

"Hello, my zoulless friend."
Put a blemmigan ashore

Mushroom songs
Dig among the ruins

Perhaps the villagers left valuables behind. You could pick over their remains to see what you might find. (You ghoul.)

Failed event

The creases of your palms are grey with ash. Your crew coughs incessantly. You have found nothing but ruined fields and empty shelves.

Rare failed event (50%)
A diary of dreams

One wall of a barn still stands. Someone has gouged words into it, in one of the lesser alphabets of Hell - an account of a dream of the Usurper Sun, of its gear-teeth sunk deep into the roots of time, of its servants in robes of gold and amber, of its beauty and its lies.

Successful event
A crimson cache

In a dry well choked with ash behind a shattered farmhouse, you find two casks of zzoup. Emergency supplies, or hidden treasure? No one will ever return for them.

Rare successful event (50%)
A cellarful of bones

How many of them died down here? You could bury them in the ash, but they're so choked and jumbled, you might as well leave them here below. The whole island is the unholiest imaginable ground, anyway. At least you have souvenirs. Three grinning skulls and a carven crooked-cross.

Triggered interactions[edit | edit source]

These only trigger when you are docked in Mount Palmerston.

SS Interactions Go up to the crater.png Go up to the crater[edit | edit source]

See Go up to the crater page.

This interaction appears if you have the following:

SS Interactions The Wistful Deviless.png The Wistful Deviless[edit | edit source]

See The Wistful Deviless page.

This interaction appears if you have the following:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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