Overheard at Zee: An Interrogation

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Overheard at Zee: An Interrogation
SS pianistgaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Random
Data ID 181418

Overheard at Zee: An Interrogation is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

SS gamekeeper cottagesmall.png Something Awaits You ≥ 11 ≤ 11,
SS pianistsmall.png Carnelian Exile ≥ 1
SS nacreousoutcastsmall.png Nacreous Survivor ≥ 1
Frequency: Sometimes (1%)

Story description[edit | edit source]


NACREOUS OUTCAST: Fffrah erffuhth.

CARNELIAN EXILE: I've waited long enough. There's more to you now.

NACREOUS OUTCAST: Intheth nath Frosttfhounf!

CARNELIAN EXILE: No. No more. The stars are hungry. I'm running out of time.


CARNELIAN EXILE: That's all? That's all you have for me? ...d__n you. D__n every one of you. May Axile burn.

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