Pigmote Isle: Mastery

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Pigmote Isle: Mastery
SS ratssmall.png
Category Quality
Type Pigmote Isle
Linked to The Rise Of Pigmote Isle
Data ID 120962

Pigmote Isle: Mastery is a Quality in Sunless Sea.

Quality description[edit | edit source]

"Two houses, alike in dignity. Not that this is saying much, mind."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Pigmote Isle: Mastery is related to the control of Pigmote Isle by either the Cavies or the Rats, and reflects your choice about who you backed on with during the events that leads to The Rise Of Pigmote Isle.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Pigmote Isle: Mastery is gained by completing the A Delegation event on Pigmote Isle. It can also change during and after the events on The Rise Of Pigmote Isle.

Quality status[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Pigmote Isle: Civilization, Spirit and Might qualities, Pigmote Isle: Mastery does not have a visible numeric value. Rather, its descriptive text and icon depends on which context the quality is displayed.

The value pattern is the in last digit, as it indicates who has the Mastery of Pigmote Isle:

  • [X1] for the Cavies, the Guinea pigs that name their nation Cavia
  • [X2] for the Rats, who name their nation Murinia
  • [XX] Other digits indicate an unclear Mastery status of Pigmote Isle: banished, fallen, etc

Journal[edit | edit source]

When you view the status in your Journal, the icon is always SS ratssmall.png:

  • [  1] Cavia
  • [  2] Murinia
  • [21] Cavia and Visage
  • [22] Murinia and Visage
  • [32] Murinia and His Complexity
  • [51] United Cavia
  • [52] United Murinia
  • [61] Cavia (Fighting For Independence)
  • [62] Murinia (Fighting For Independence)
  • [95] You have been banished from Pigmote Isle
  • [99] Pigmote has fallen

Action Effect[edit | edit source]

When listed as the effect of an action that changes its value (roughly sorted by last digit for convenience):

  • [  1] SS guineapigsmall.png Hail Cavia!
  • [21] SS guineapigsmall.png Cavia has allied with Visage.
  • [31] SS guineapigsmall.png Cavia has allied with the Fathomking.[1]
  • [51] SS guineapigsmall.png Hail United Cavia!
  • [61] SS guineapigsmall.png Cavia fights for independence.
  • [  2] SS ratsmall.png Hail Murinia!
  • [22] SS ratsmall.png Murinia has allied with Visage.
  • [32] SS ratsmall.png Murinia has allied with the Fathomking.
  • [52] SS ratsmall.png Hail United Murinia!
  • [62] SS ratsmall.png Murinia fights for independence.
  • [40] SS ratssmall.png The battle for Pigmote Isle has begun. Return later to see the outcome.[1]
  • [95] SS blackglovesmall.png You have been banished from Pigmote Isle.
  • [99] SS blacksmall.png Pigmote Isle has fallen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 This status has no description on the Journal. Game bug, developers oversight, or intentional?

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