Quaker's Haven: Under New Management

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Quaker's Haven: Under New Management
Quaker's Haven: Under New Management (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Mutton Island.png
Located in Mutton Island
Ports No
Shops Harbour Provisioners
Shipyard No

Quaker's Haven: Under New Management is one of four possible port outcomes for the story of Mutton Island.

Location description[edit | edit source]

Sleek ships are docked the harbour. Installations of heavy artillery line the shore. The banners of the Eagle clan - yellow as honey - drape from each roof. Mutton Island has fallen!

Availability[edit | edit source]

Quaker's Haven: Under New Management is the permanent port interaction for Mutton Island when SS muttonisland portsmall.png Mutton Island: The Airs Of Mutton Island = 40.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Attempt to dock

The harbour is reinforced with wire and manned with Khaganian soldiers.

Threatening fire

Torches flare on the shore, illuminating thick-barrelled cannons.There is a crack, and a shot lands just off your prow. Water from the impact splashes your face. You are not welcome.

Smuggle refugees to the Shepherd Isles

As your vessel passes, muddy islanders emerge from one of the island's coves. They leap and wave rags.

Failed event Deliver SS holdinghandssmall.png Mutton Island: Refugees to the SS generic portgaz.png Shepherd Isles for SS echosmall.png +100 x echo
Men on the shore

As you're preparing to lower a lifeboat, a Khaganian lookout blows his whistle; it shrieks like a Surface bird sighting its prey. Troops descend on the cove. You can hear the screams over the thrum of your engine, roaring in full reverse.

Successful event
Safer ground

Your lifeboat pulls up to the cove, unnoticed by the sentries. “Came while we was asleep, they did,” an islander whispers. “Some of us managed to make it to the docks, or else to the coves. Couple of the lads held out in the Cock and Magpie long as they could.” He run a grimy hand through his hair, and boards.

Gather a Port Report

Lower the lifeboat, and row to one of the less slippery, less sheer cliffs. Pray you don't get caught.

Failed event

Your little lifeboat draws up the the cliff-face. As you're mooring it to a rock, a shot rings out from above; a bullet pierces your little craft - water is coming in! Another shot - row! For God's sake - row!

Successful event
Enemy movements

You scale the cliff, and crouch in the mud. Through a spyglass, you observe the soldiers' movements. A contingent approaches the charred remains of the Cock and Magpie, escorting ragged islanders. A woman in feathered epaulettes sits at a table within, smiling at zee-charts and scowling at decrees stamped by the Leopard clan. Once inside, the islanders fall to their knees before her. Their proud faces strain as they address her.

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