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Restoring human(ish) officers[edit source]

Alright, so the Nacreous Survivor option is pretty easy and common to see. Other officers, less so, since actually losing them is less likely.

To do some spading, I ate my crew at Kingeater with a cheatbuffed captain. At the time, I had the following officers, none of whom were inherited:

  • Satisfied Magician (Learning About = 50?)
  • Indomitable Campaigner (Learning About = 50?)
  • Maybe's Rival (Learning About = 5000?)
  • Tireless Mechanic (Impeller completed)
  • Irrepressible Cannoneer (Memento Mori completed; Learning About = 200?)
  • Carnelian Exile (Learning About = 21?)
  • Determined Doctor (un-caught, Learning About = 10?)
  • Bandaged Poissonier (required Zzoup and Mutersalt)
  • Sigil-Ridden Navigator (unconscious and awaiting doctor's attention; also checked with him wanting to be taken to avid horizon)

They all died, and none of their Learning About qualities changed. She wasn't there, but earlier on the same captain, I'd kicked out the Adventuress (LA: "Abandoned to her fate")

Upon returning to the Fathomking, I found that the only ones of these Officers I could revive were the Magician and the Campaigner, each for the price of 7 scintillack, 7 captivating treasures, and 1 searing enigma.

The prerequisites for the Campaigner option were pretty clear: it appears that as long as her Learning About is over 1, and you don't have either version of her, you can get her revived at the Fathomking (and if her Learning About isn't 1, you can get her again in London). Nice!

But the Magician's was much less so ("Unlocked with Learning About: the Magician: "), other than that you can't have any version of him.

So. Anyone have more info - tried or datamined - about when you can/can't revive him, and/or the other officers?

Learning About wouldn't change. Just because they're dead, doesn't mean you know less about them. And yeah, as long as it's above 1 for the magician, you're good. Updated the page

SporksAreGoodForYou (talk) 09:22, 5 March 2015 (UTC)

Delivering proof that the Chelonates didn't kill the turtle[edit source]

If you choose to preserve the information in Scrimshander (I think I originally found it in a random zubmarine encounter on the sea floor), they ask you to take it to the Fathomking. You then have the choice of suggesting that the Fathomking makes this shame known far and wide, or that he breaks up his connection to them and considers them but beneath him. Choosing the latter, you are rewarded with an Outlandish Artifact and the event continues with the objective to return to Scrimshander and let them know of his decision. Finishing this objective rewards you with a Captivating Treasure. The outcome is likely (pure guesswork here) unaffected by your choice before, though the text will be different.