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I removed this paragraph:

Varchas is one of the cities stolen by the Bazaar before London or Karakorum (citation needed?). Varchas is the Sanskrit word for light or splendor and the name of the city's god, Mihir, is also a name meaning "sun" across several languages in the Indian subcontinent. The description that Varchas has five golden towers that predate the fall suggests that the city's true name is Angkor Wat.

Varchas is NOT Angkor Wat, which is NOT a fallen city. We know that the second city was in Egypt during a time when Pharaohs ruled (and strong implications to Amarna, ~1300s BC), the third in Mesoamerica (implied to be probably Mayan and probably Chichen Itza, so ~900s AD), and the fourth, obviously, was Mongolian; London was fifth. It's also heavily implied through the lore that the cities are dropped directly on top of each other, in the same spot in the Neath - not far away on a different Neathly continent. The Khanate doesn't contradict this; it's effectively the descendents of a far-flung colony of the Fourth city back before London was dropped on top of it.

Angkor Wat was founded in the 1100s AD; so, it obviously doesn't predate the Second City, and doesn't fit any of 2-5. It cannot possibly have been one of the stolen Cities without a massive retcon to the entire FL timeline. Varchas might be inspired by Angkor Wat, or it might be an Angkor Wat that descended to the Neath through some other means, but saying this as if it's confirmed? No. TangledAxon (talk) 03:58, 11 February 2015 (UTC)