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Category Quality
Type Ship Conditions
Data ID 102025
Terror Levels
Level 0 Serene
Level 1-24 Wary
Level 25-49 Nervous
Level 50-74 Fearful
Level 75-99 Haunted
Level 100 Crazed

Terror is a statistic that influences your journey in Sunless Sea. It is also one of the Qualities in Sunless Sea.

Terror level is indicated by the progress bar labeled with a skull icon, and increases by one increment each time the dots encircling the skull icon are fully lit up. Orange dots light up at a rate of +1 per two seconds; red dots light up at a rate of +2 per two seconds. Green dots are slowly extinguished at a rate of -1 per five seconds. If your crew is below a quarter the ship's total crew capacity, twice as many dots will light up at a time.

Quality description[edit | edit source]

"The fear of the wide black zee, and the things beyond."

Game note: Reduce this with Shore Leave, especially in London. When you return to London after time at zee, your Terror will always drop to 50.

Gaining Terror[edit | edit source]

In order to play smoothly in Sunless Sea, you must keep an eye on your Terror since higher levels of it will result in negative events for you and your crew.

There are several ways your Terror can go up. These include:

  • Sailing without your ship's light enabled;
  • Exploring far from shores and lit areas;
  • Some attacks from enemies can deal Terror damage;
  • Certain interactions or events can give you Terror.

When your Terror reaches 100 points a mutiny is triggered and, if you fail either the Hearts or the Iron challenge, you will get killed and the game ends.

Losing Terror[edit | edit source]

On the other hand, keeping your level of Terror down is a difficult task. The least expensive way to reduce Terror is to simply not get it in the first place.

London is the primary location for reducing Terror cheaply. Merely entering port will immediately reduce your Terror to 50 (If it is higher). Sleeping at your Lodgings will reduce Terror considerably, but is significantly more effective once you move out of your intial Lodgings.

There are several ways to reduce Terror. These include:

  • Sail with your lights on and in lit areas;
  • Explore close to the shores;
  • Upgrade your engines as soon as possible, as the faster you move, the less time you spend in darkness, lowering Terror accumulation rates. Note that larger engines burn fuel less efficiently (You'll go faster, but you also burn much more fuel) but this is also defrayed by the fact that spending less time in-transit will lower the amount of Supplies you use. Especially considering that Supplies are always more expensive than Fuel, just remember to stock up on extra Fuel and a few less Supplies.
  • Certain interactions can reduce your Terror like sleeping or exploring London (for a price) or giving Recent News to any Light Ship you encounter.
  • Going to the Surface at Cumaean Canal Staging Area will remove 25 points of Terror in exchange for Fuel and Supplies. (Any subsequent actions on the surface will further reduce Terror, allowing you to cull it to zero before returning below if you take enough of them)
  • Killing enemies

Ports of note for reducing Terror

Videos[edit | edit source]

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