The Boke of Sharpes

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The Boke of Sharpes
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Category Curiosity
Type Legacy
Data ID 113575

The Boke of Sharpes is considered a Legacy Curiosity item.

Item description[edit | edit source]

"This barely qualifies as a book. Dozens of scraps of paper have been crammed into a scuffed folio. Each bears helpful advice on murder, and, often, a stain."

Linked to[edit | edit source]

It is linked to the storylet in SS liberationofnightsmall.png Vienna as well as the secret ambition on Aestival.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Boke of Sharpes is a persistent Legacy advantage in Sunless Sea. It confers a +25 starting bonus to Iron and needs only to be obtained once.

You gain this Legacy advantage in SS liberationofnightsmall.png Vienna by raising Supremacy: the Anarchists to 7, through a series of favours for the Fidgeting Agitator.

Alternatively, you can Receive an Embassy at Your Colony in Aestival with the Disillusioned Doctor as your Viceroy.

Details for Vienna[edit | edit source]

  • Visit the Cumaean Canal Staging Area, travel to Naples, then Vienna.
  • Select the action "Psst! Friend! Strike a blow for freedom, will you?" which will cost -5 x Echoes and deliver the Supplies for the Work to Fallen London.
  • Repeat a further 6 times (the action is now called "Another favour for the agitator").
  • On your seventh delivery, the Admiralty will shut down and no longer be accessible, so be warned.

Considerations for Vienna[edit | edit source]

  • This will actually cost pretty significantly, since each trip to the surface costs a minimum of 22 Fuel and 2 Supplies. However, the first and subsequent deliveries award 5 x Supplies, 10 x Fuel and 1 x Crate of Human Souls
    • Note that both can be replenished on the surface - supplies are especially cheap.
    • There's also a significant chance of losing crew when visiting the surface, factor that cost in.
  • Consider running Sacks of Darkdrop Coffee Beans to Vienna with any spare cargo space at the same time, to increase profits and/or cover costs.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Video tutorial on how to acquire the Boke of Sharps.

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