The Campaigner's health is desperate

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The Campaigner's health is desperate
SS campaigner2gaz.png
Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS campaigner2gaz.png Brisk Campaigner
Data ID 165301

The Campaigner's health is desperate is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

It has a chance of 1% to come up.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

The Campaigner's health is desperate is triggered at zee if you have the following:

Story description[edit | edit source]

A phosphorescence swims in the skin of her face, like torches in fog. She keeps one hand on the rail as she walks. Zailors draw back, muttering petitions to Stone.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Bed-rest and desperate measures

Insist she stays in bed. Dose her food with the mutersalt which, you've learnt, suppresses her condition.

Desperate acquiescence

She's more willing to go and lie down than you expected. Mutersalt numbs the voice, but she seems disinclined to talk in any case. There is no time left for obstinacy and heroism. Help her save herself soon, or all the mutersalt in the Pale Wastes won't be enough.

Let her go

These are her final moments.

The light goes out

“My family,” she says composedly, “will have opinions on my the matter of my bur - ” She begins to cough, desperately. A spasm takes her. The crew gather, appalled. There is blood on the deck.

She hangs on your arm, looks up at you. “Burial. This flesh - contaminated - give it to - zee. At zee!”

The light in her eyes goes out: the strength is gone from her arm. She collapses like a falling tower.

Administer the treatments from Adam's Way

The instructions are baroque. You work as quickly as you can.

Remedy? Or placebo?

The luminosity behind her skin dulls. “I'm quite all right,” she croaks, her mouth dry as sand.

Rare event (20%)

Did you definitely give her two drops of the first concoction and three of the second? Is her condition too advanced? Are the medicines only quackery? Her skin is hot as the glass of a lamp. A light burns behind her eyes.

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