The Cavy Ghetto

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The Cavy Ghetto
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle
Data ID 208100

The Cavy Ghetto is a Sunless Sea Pigmote Isle Story Event.

Description[edit | edit source]

"The survivors of the war have been sent to this swamp, where they ponder their failure. Rat guards patrol from atop a spiked wall, passing the time by pelting the mud-slicked guinea pigs with sharp rocks."

Trigger Conditions[edit | edit source]

The Cavy Ghetto is triggered by choosing the Visit the Cavy Ghetto action in The Rise Of Pigmote Isle.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Smuggle food into the ghetto

The cavies have little to offer except their gratitude.

A sly delivery

The regular gate guards do not dare search the Hairless Adviser. A few careful lies get you and your supplies through without incident. The starving cavies have little to repay your kindness, but offer what little they managed to keep from their ship.

Game note: Success will improve Pigmote Isle's Spirit
Rare default event (15% chance)
Smuggling woes

The delivery coincides with an inspection by the rats. The ranking Engineer is willing to search even the Hairless Advisor for contraband. He orders the cavies assembled and has the food burned in front of them. A pair of guards fan the smell into their faces.

"Better than vermin deserves," declares the rat, turning to address the whimpering crowd. "I hope you enjoyed your meal. You will see no more charity from your betters."

Assist the cavy revolution

"Give us your cunning. We will help you steal the Lady's Eye. The loss will crush their resolve."

Thieves in the night

Mud helps to disguise a few of the braver cavies. They scurry through the dark, carefully maintaining their night vision by avoiding looking at the Eye. Your plan works perfectly - they sneak up on the rats guarding the Lady's Eye and slit their throats. You watch from a careful distance. The light of the Chickenwood suddenly goes out, blinding you with sudden darkness.

You hear movement. A slight glow from an open oilskin bag. The cavies return triumphant and present you with the Lady's Eye, as agreed.

"Take it," whispers the lead guinea pig. "Take their light from them."

She disappears into the shadows. Squeaks echo in the darkness as the cavies seize their advantage, flooding out of the ghetto to attack the confused rats. The loss of their treasure may or may not decide the outcome, but your part in this fight is over. It is time to leave. You doubt you will be welcome back any time soon.

Game note: This guarantees you the Rat Star, but will cost 5 Veils.
Attempt to broker a union

Murinia will be stronger if its two houses work together.

Failed event Game note: Success will boost Spirit, failure will reduce it
The long road

You attempt to drum up sympathy for the cavies amongst the rats, but the wounds of recent battles are still too fresh. Within the muddy ghetto itself, the ever-louder whispers of revolution drown out any hope for peace.

Successful event
Hail, Murinia!

Chief Engineer Edgar is a pragmatic rat. He listens to your proposition and agrees to discuss the future. The Seneschal, no less proud for the mud in her fur, holds firm on her peoples' needs, but is ready to compromise on a few of their wants. In particular: "We renounce all our claims to-" She almost chokes on the words. "The Rat Star."

The Chief Engineer sits back. His whiskers twitch happily. "The Rat Star, you say? In that case, let us talk terms."

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