The End of the War

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The End of the War
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 152487

The End of the War is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

All of Hideaway has gathered in the festival square, around tables of gaudily coloured food. A hair-thin crack runs across the ground, where one never was before.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

SS gleamsmall.png Hideaway: The Truth ≥ 80 ≤ 80,
Area: Hideaway
Frequency: Always (100%)

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Join the Impolite Investigator
Join the Sprightly Visionary

Links[edit | edit source]

Links In[edit | edit source]

SS heartsmall.png The War for Hearts and Minds

Links Out[edit | edit source]

SS hideawaysmall.png Hideaway: Alone, SS hideawaysmall.png Hideaway: Together

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