The Guard House

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The Guard House
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to Varchas
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The Guard House is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

The Guard House is triggered by doing the The Guard House action in The Centre of Varchas.

Story description[edit | edit source]

A modest stone building with bas-relief lintels and wide, unshuttered windows. The stylized sun of Mihir flutters from a silk flag above the portico.

It is a scene of controlled chaos. You can see the white-cloaked Guards bustling to and fro within, shouting companionably to each other while a stream of Fungus-Carters, merchants and ordinary citizens petition them.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
What's going on?

Is it a particularly busy day, or are they always so besieged?

"We are preparing for the pilgrimage to Amaradri - the Mountain of Light," a young Guard tells you, stamping yet another merchant's application. "It always turns into a bit of a festival. Everyone wants permission to go, and so they come to harangue us when the Sun-Priests turn them away."

Is it a religious pilgrimage? "Well, a bit," she makes a face. "Every merchant in the city suddenly becomes very devoted to Mihir when pilgrimage season comes, anyway!"

Game note: When you have completed certain stories in the City, the Pilgrimage will begin, opening new opportunities.
A Dream of Smoke

Perhaps the guards will have some advice?

The young Guard gives you a look of utter bafflement. "Dreams? Mirrors?" She raises her eyebrows exaggeratedly.

One of her companions, clearly a wit, adds, "Guards don't dream in Varchas; the Master-at-Arms confiscates all your sleeping-hours when you sign up."

The young Guard shakes her head. "Perhaps you should talk to the priests at the Temple of Mihir. They are well-versed in such matters."

Hint at the Jewel-Turbaned Youth's activities

You can leave out the bit where you told the gathering a forbidden story, and glide over any naming any particular names.

"Darkness-touched troublemakers!" The young Guard curses. "So far all they do is talk and smoke water-pipe and grumble, but I fear that they have strayed from the light of Mihir."

She sighs exaggeratedly. "Still, my superiors think that they are harmless. Perhaps this will change their minds. Mihir look down upon you for telling us, Taamas."

Train with the guards

There is a formation of new recruits doing basic forms in the courtyard.

Failed event
You slip into the line unremarked, but accidentally break one of the recruit's noses with a wild strike. The Sergeant banishes you from the training grounds with a harsh glare.
Successful event
The Sergeant does not object when you slip into line, but he doesn't treat you with any particular gentleness either. You practice hand-to-hand combat for a few hours, and end up on your back more often than not; they fight in an unfamiliar, light-footed style. A few of the more advanced recruits duel with curving, twin-bladed scimitars.

"Interesting," the Sergeant grunts, at the end of your session. You are bruised and possibly concussed, but quite satisfied with your morning: and you think they may have learnt something in turn.

Return to the City Centre

You are done here.

There is more of Varchas to explore.
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