The Iron & Misery Company

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The Iron & Misery Company
Category Shop
Part of London shops
Located in London

The Iron & Misery Company is the shop to visit in London if you need engines, a type of ship equipment, for your ship.

Shop description[edit | edit source]

Game note: More powerful engines consume more fuel, but increase speed - essential for large slow ships.

Offer[edit | edit source]

Name Buy Sell Notes
The Serpentine - 500 x Echo Buys only.
Elderly Steeple-Engine 50 x Echo 10 x Echo
Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Illyrian' 500 x Echo 250 x Echo
Secure Compartment 500 x Echo 250 x Echo
Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Boadicea' 1000 x Echo 500 x Echo
Cotterell & Hathersage 'Manticore No.4' 2000 x Echo 1000 x Echo
Cotterell & Hathersage 'Admiralty Special' 4000 x Echo 2500 x Echo
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