The Lady's Patronage

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The Lady's Patronage
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Category Story Event
Type Character
Linked to Isle of Cats
Data ID 169232

The Lady's Patronage is a Sunless Sea Character Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

The Lady's Patronage is triggered when you do the The Lady of the Garden's offer action in the Cavendish Abbey event.

Character description[edit | edit source]

"We have not met. Have we? No, this is definitely the first time. But - hmm." The Lady of the Cages shakes her head sharply. "Best to proceed as if it is the first, don't you think?"

A veil of gold-mesh obscures only her eyes, leaving her glistening, bitten lips bare. Perhaps a hundred small silver keys jangle in a bunch at her left hip. "I think we should be friends. I'm very important you know - or I was. No, still am." She pauses. "Yes, I am quite sure I still am."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Accept her offer

It is always useful to be friends with important people, even if they're hazy on the subject.

"You should come back last Tuesday for another little chat," she pauses, and huffs. "No, that's not quite it. Ahem. Come back - soon? Another time. Pick a good one. There aren't enough of those."

That was - probably? - a dismissal.

Game note: You may only have one Patron on the Isle of Cats. Choose well.

A change of Patron

"You know Isery? What a lovely coincidence, I know them quite well myself."

She does not seem to mind your previous failures. "Pasts are tricky things. I find it's best to ignore them, on the whole. I think we're much more suited to be friends, don't you?"
Refuse her

You are quite busy at the moment, and possibly your grandmother is ill.

Zaira takes your refusal in stride. "Maybe you'll rethink things, once your grandmother is feeling recovered. Is it sciatica? Or fluke-flu? Both? You don't say. My sympathies."
Promises made

A Melliferous Sister glides into the room, and whispers a few words in Zaira's ear.

"Are you quite sure you're working for Isery, and not for me?" Zaira wrinkles her nose. "How extraordinary. Oh well - another time. Another city. Probably? Quite."
Second chances

You have failed them before. But perhaps they are feeling lenient?

"We've already tried to be friends once, haven't we? I hardly think we should attempt it again. I might actually have you eaten by a Drownie." A flash of white teeth. "Or maybe Isery's the one that has people eaten by Drownies? Maybe we both do? Does that seem likely to you?" Game note: The Patrons of the Isle of Cats have no further use for you.

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