The Pirate-Poet

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The Pirate-Poet was a DLC add-on that was previously available only to Kickstarter backers. Failbetter Games made the content available to non-backers as a free update to the game on January 31st, 2017.

Alcaeus-class Corvette[edit | edit source]

Occasionally found in the Unterzee, the Pirate-Poet sails an Alcaeus-class Corvette and is aggressive. The ship is very agile and employs multiple weapons, including flares.

Defeating the Corvette triggers the action You've Defeated an Alcaeus-Class Vessel with two choices, Investigate the Wreckage and Leave the wreckage (which ends the interaction).

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Rescue the Pirate Poet

Throw her a rope. Claim a bounty.

The price of freedom

It takes three crewmen to pull the Pirate-Poet from the zee's clutches, while others mutter about bringing an Unfinished Man... an Unfinished Woman... aboard ship. She just smirks.

She carries little on her but the verses of poetry tattooed over every visible inch, and an old sword almost as chipped as she is. Fortunately, her salvaged possessions also include the jangling money-purse on her belt, fat and ready to pay the traditional freedom-price of her current bounty. As much as the crew could subdue her, all are relieved once she is aboard a lifeboat, rowing away through the darkness towards Gaider's Mourn.

    SS echosmall.png +100/200/300/400 x Echo
Salvage the cargo instead

The zee may show mercy. You will not.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Pirate-Poet can be obtained by Capturing the Pirate-Poet after defeating an Alcaeus-class Corvette while The Merciless Modiste is hunting for the Pirate-Poet.