The Pursuit of Sharpness

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The Pursuit of Sharpness
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 256227

The Pursuit of Sharpness is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Story description[edit | edit source]

A woman gives advice to new Antheans: her eyes are cubes of salt. She speaks of going sharp as a numbness, and as an awakening; as the loss of sensation and the beginning of insight. Some Antheans use other metaphors. Clarity. Dryness. Regularity and structure.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

SS submarineblacksmall.png Under the Unterzee ≥ 1
Area: Limbo
Frequency: Always (100%)

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Cultivate the capacity for sharpness Failed event Special is calculated as follows: (40+25*Anthe: Capacity for Sharpness) * 1.67, which expands to 66.8 + 41.75*Anthe: Capacity for Sharpness.

Note that there is no Terror check here, so you can spam this until you have maximum capacity, topping your terror at 100. This would be fatal, except you can lower your terror by holding up the ceiling before leaving Anthe.

A struggle in the dark
Successful event
Nights of meditation
Cultivate the capacity for sharpness through chemical means Failed event
The preparation disagrees with you
Successful event
A quicker and less spiritual solution
Go sharp in the spleen The Venous Salon The check is meant to be equivalent to Anthe: Number of Sharpnesses < Anthe: Capacity for Sharpness, which is what you would expect. However, the subtraction is clamped to 0, meaning you can select this (or sharpness of the liver) without any capacity for sharpness.

Go sharp in the liver The Salon of Silver Salts
Let your lungs become a chamber of crystal The Salon of Incense Starting here, you need an existing sharpness first, as well as enough capacity. This pattern continues.

Flourish in the groin The Chamber of Pillow-cut Rock
Undergo acumination of the tongue Tongue-point Pinnacle Game note: If you cannot select this, you may need to raise your Capacity for Sharpness.
Mineralise your skeleton The Bone-Barrow
Let your skin be clear as water and hard as armour The Blistering Abyss
Cut away all your sharpness Your case wasn't too advanced Game note: This will remove your sharpness and gain a Wound. Your Maximum Sharpness will remain, so you can pursue different sharpnesses if need be. Be careful: three Wounds will kill you.

Relinquish the pursuit for now
    Triggers event: SS anthesmall.png Anthe

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SS anthesmall.png Anthe

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