The Rat Ghetto

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The Rat Ghetto
SS ratsgaz.png
Category Story Event
Type Pigmote Isle
Linked to SS generic portsmall.png Pigmote Isle
SS ratbargegaz.png The Rise Of Pigmote Isle
Data ID 208096

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The Rat Ghetto is a Sunless Sea Pigmote Isle Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

The Rat Ghetto is triggered by choosing the Visit the Rat Ghetto action in The Rise Of Pigmote Isle interaction in Pigmote Isle.

Event description[edit | edit source]

"The Cavies have forced their rivals into the swamps, and hold them there with a high spiked wall. Thick black mud squelches underfoot as you pass through the guarded gates. Hungry eyes watch your approach."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Smuggle fuel into the ghetto A sly delivery Game note: Success will improve Pigmote Isle's Spirit
Rare Event (15% chance)
Attempt to broker a union Failed event Game note: Success will boost Spirit, failure will reduce it
Houses divided
Successful event
Hail, Cavia!
Assist the rodent revolution A sneak attack Game note: This guarantees you the Rat Star, but will cost 5 Iron

... and it will also banish you from Pigmote Isle

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