The Scrimshaw Chronicler

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The Scrimshaw Chronicler is a character at The Chelonate who prompts investigation of the backstory of the Chelonate as well as offering Outlandish Artefact in exchange for Hunting-Trophy and Supplies.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
    Bring him a tale
    Glory's death "on history's beach" is numerically equal to 1, but they chose to set it to some odd name instead.
    Bring him a tale
      Bring him a tale
      Note: The turn in appears to be bugged and does not show that a Zee-ztory is required. If you have no Zee-ztories, you can still do the turn in.

      Tell him the truth
      Unlocks the option "Let me come with you."
      "Let me come with you."

      The Scrimshaw Chronicler is an officer.

      Make up something wonderful
      SS pensmall.png Pages challenge (100 for 100%)
    Successful event
      "He glows with pride"
      Failed event
      "He hisses"