The Voracious Diplomat

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The Voracious Diplomat
SS voraciousdiplomatgaz.png
Linked to SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London
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The Voracious Diplomat is SS admiralgaz.png The Dark-Spectacled Admiral's rather more aggressive and less straitlaced counterpart, who will enable (and enthusiastically encourage) you to seed intelligence networks throughout the Neath. The two aren't much fond of one another.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

The Voracious Diplomat can be accessed in SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London if you have the following:

Character Description[edit | edit source]

The Diplomat lairs near Mansion's Pyre, in a second-floor office above a gymnasium for pugilistic ladies and gentlemen. Your conversation is punctuated by distant shouts and blows. The Diplomat smiles fondly at the sounds."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Voracious Diplomat only appears if you have SS wolfstackdocks portsmall.png Supremacy: London ≥ 1 (Recovering). In addition, if SS ironrepublicsmall.png Supremacy: The Anarchists or SS khansheart portsmall.png Supremacy: The Khanate are maxed, SS voraciousdiplomatgaz.png The Voracious Diplomat will no longer be available.

The easiest way to get SS wolfstackdocks portsmall.png Supremacy: London started is to combine 2 x SS wilmotsendsmall.png Strategic Information (right click -> use) into 1 x SS surmisesmall.png Vital Intelligence and present it to SS admiralgaz.png The Dark-Spectacled Admiral.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Pick up an Agent

"I have a friend," the Diplomat says casually, "who would be grateful for passage somewhere else. The Khanate, for instance."

A name, an address

Both are probably temporary, but they're all you need.

Game note: An Agent will allow you to establish an intelligence network, and sometimes to grow it later.

Describe recent moves in the Great Game

"Oh, yes?"

Full attention

The Diplomat takes no notes: only listens with utmost concentration, fingertips touching, eyes lightly closed. The payment is small, but welcome.

Provide Vital Intelligence

"I say! Now I'm listening."

Etched in memory

The Diplomat takes no notes and makes no sign; only listens in absolute silence, and finally nods and declares: "I'll pass this on to where it will do the most good. Thank you."

Game note: The Voracious Diplomat serves London, but has dangerous allies.

Rare event (30%)
Etched in memory

The Diplomat takes no notes and makes no sign; only listens in absolute silence, and finally nods and declares: "I'll pass this on to where it will do the most good. Thank you."

Ask about the Diplomat's role

What kind of diplomacy is involved?

A catly grin

"The kind of diplomacy that doesn't get written down. I'm attached to the Admiralty, not the Foreign Office. London is not what she was, but she still has interests abroad. I look after them as best I can. I do hope you're patriotic enough not to ask for too many details."

Ask about the Dark-Spectacled Admiral

Do they work closely together?

A carefully neutral expression

"Well now. The Admiral is a man of principle. Very straightforward. Very traditional in his views. I think it's rather courageous of him to expect the Navy to operate without outside assistance. And he has excellent taste in both chamber-music and wine. I hope that makes my feelings clear."

Convince the Diplomat to join the Seven Against Nidah

You need a skilled Propagandist. But you'll need to demonstrate your significance in the Great Game.

"One professional to another, I'm a great admirer of your work. The Sapphire Affair? Exquisite gamesmanship. And that business with the Taimen? Marvellously Machiavellian.

"I've heard of your colleagues and their ambitions." Fingers drum on the Diplomat's desk. "Of all London's foes, the Prester is the most intransigent. A blow to him, or his puppeteers, is an opportunity for London. And of course there's the fringe benefit of immortality. I enjoy life, and find myself generally in favour of more of it.

"Very well: I accept. Your enemies are my enemies; my friends are yours. Let us scheme to Nidah's downfall!"

Game note: You will need to create and advance spy networks in both Khan's Heart and Port Carnelian to unlock this.
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