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Crack Pirate Frigate

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Crack Pirate Frigate
SS frigatepirate topgaz.png
Type Pirate
Stats Health: 140

Crew: 20

Crack Pirate Frigates roam the Unterzee.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Has a two forward attacks, doing light damage (Deck Salvo 02: Base Damage: 8, Arc 200 and Forward Salvo 01: Base Damage 8, Arc 50, Stagger 2).

Similar Hull to a Rat-Barge, with many more Crew.

Rewards for killing always include Fuel and Supplies. Cache can include 1 x SS coffeesmall.png Sack of Darkdrop Coffee Beans and 1 x SS bottledsoulwhitesmall.png Crate of Human Souls.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Loot and scuttle her
Send her home with a prize crew
    SS crewsmall.png Crew ≥ 3

    SS cardfansmall.png Luck challenge (80% to win)

Failed event If you defeated her crew but the hull remains intact, this option is available.

You will gain 300 Echoes and 4 Crew on your return to London.
"Into the darkness"
Successful event
"Awaiting your pleasure"

Raw Game Data[edit | edit source]

  • "BehaviourName": "aggressive",
  • "DormantBehaviour": "Wandering",
  • "AwareBehaviour": "HuntingPlus",
  • "BeastieCharacteristicsName" : "GenericShip",
  • "MovementSpeed" : 17,
  • "RotationSpeed" : 0.2,
  • "CombatAttackNames": ["DeckSalvo02","ForwardSalvo01"],