Unfinished Revolutionaries

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Unfinished Revolutionaries
SS shipbiggaz.png
Type Pirate
Stats Health: 210

Crew: 15

Location East of the Iron Republic
In game.

Unfinished Revolutionariess roam the Unterzee, but usually found cruising near the Iron Republic. Substantially tougher than the normal Unfinished Pirates. They are presumably a group of Unfinished Men, according to their name and looting interaction details.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Has two attacks:

  • Deck Salvo 03: Base Hull Damage 12, Arc 200, Range 140, Warmup 10s.
  • ForwardSalvo02: Base Hull Damage 7, Arc 50, Range 250, Warmup 10s.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

You've Destroyed the Unfinished Revolutionaries[edit | edit source]

"Fragments of clay litter across the deck. They crunch underfoot like potsherds. Unfinished Men do not surrender."

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Investigate the hold

What treasure did these villains take?

"Lean pickings"
Needs filling in.
Needs filling in.

Raw Game Data[edit | edit source]

  • "BehaviourName": "aggressive",
  • "DormantBehaviour": "Wandering",
  • "AwareBehaviour": "HuntingPlus",
  • "BeastieCharacteristicsName" : "GenericShip",
  • "MovementSpeed" : 14,
  • "RotationSpeed" : 0.3,
  • "CombatAttackNames": ["DeckSalvo03","ForwardSalvo02"]