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SS Monsters Boundling.png
Type Monster
Stats Health: 220
Location Unter-Unterzee

Interactions[edit | edit source]

You have defeated a Boundling[edit | edit source]

Its corpse is a mound of twisted metal and flesh, its mottled skin further marred by the gaping rends inflicted by your weapons.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Tear the cage from the Boundling

The metal is strong and sturdy. You have a need for it.

A merciful end?

Removing the cage is back-breaking work. Rods of steel run through the Boundling's inflamed, swollen flesh. Its body had warped to fit its cage; even its red eyes are distorted, pulled out of alignment by the band across its face. Before carrying the reclaimed metal away, your engineer wipes frothy slime off it. She gestures to a stain. "It'll take a b____y good sanding to get rid of this."

Carve the Boundling up for provisions

It does, after all, resemble tuna. An oversized tuna stuffed into a knot of metal.

A taste-test

You break the cage open. As you split the corpse, tangles of gut burst out. There is a reek of oil and vinegar. Your nearest assistant rushes, coughing, from the hold. Is the flesh worth storing? You need a taster.

The crewman you volunteer complains of the fish-flesh moving in his stomach. The texture, however, is succulent but crunchy, like well-cooked prawn.