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Your Colony
Your Colony (Map)
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Your Colony (Gazetteer)
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Data ID 183590

Your Colony is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[edit | edit source]

Your Colony is available when you dock in SS Locations Aestival.png Aestival and SS calendarsmall.png Objective: Kingdom ≥ 2 (you have prepared to found a colony using SS boxwhitesmall.png A Parabox or SS correspondence3small.png Dawn's Law)

Story description[edit | edit source]

"One day, perhaps, your kingdom. Game Note: Improving your colony into a kingdom will end, and win, the game."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Your Colony[edit | edit source]

Initially spend SS crewsmall.png Crew and SS suppliessmall.png Supplies to found your colony. Then name it. Then use various items to increase its SS generic portsmall.png Kingdom: Estate to 100, the SS capererssmall.png Kingdom: Population to 77 and install a Viceroy. To max out Population, you simply have to ferry over 89 additional crew after establish your colony (the viceroy will supply one more). For the estate, there are a number of options - browse the table below for the options, but it's most SS coffeesmall.png Sack of Darkdrop Coffee Beans, SS diamondsmall.png Captivating Treasures and SS surmisesmall.png Vital Intelligence, although you can use Supplies.

This Story can lead a game win via a hidden SS chartsmall.png Ambition. But, even if you don't want to win this way, if you can afford to set it up, it's a great place to rest and recuperate between missions, providing cheap SS skullsmall.png Terror reduction, SS fuelsmall.png Fuel and SS shipbigsmall.png Hull repair.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Establish your colony in earnest

Put ten volunteers ashore here, with enough supplies, building materials and cutlery to civilise this desert isle.

A kind of paradise

Your zailors are keen to tramp themselves a place. "Fruit falls right off the tree, captain!" one enthuses. "And we'll be, what, your Parliament, right? Allus thought I'd make a good M.P."

"But what're we going to call the island?" one asks.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Improve Population and Estate
Increase your population

Suggest to five crew that they might want to remain ashore.

Retirement, of sorts

Perhaps one day they'll want to return home; perhaps this will be their home. Perhaps the zee's call will be irresistible again some day. Either way, they seem happy with the sunshine, and the peace.

Game note: You must increase your population to 77 before declaring yourself a nation.
Improve your estate

Bricks, barrels, glass, books, pianos, antimacassars, tea. All the components of civilisation.

Your estate grows!

Day by day, the walls rise higher, the gardens grow tidier, the hats become grander. Probably zailors will always spit in the street, but one day soon you may have a street for them to spit in.

Game note: You must increase your Estate quality to 100 before declaring yourself a nation.
Coffee is Power

Darkdrop Coffee will energise your labourers. There are risks, of course. There are always risks. But if their hearts burst, it's probably from happiness.

A better grind

Your workers' eyes are bright. Their smiles are wide. Their songs are rapid.

Game note: This will increase Estate by 2; you can do it up to 5 times.
Knowledge is Power

Use Vital Intelligence to lay plans and win leverage.

The centre of the spider's web

Not the actual spider's web. That's at Saviour's Rocks, and you wouldn't want to found a kingdom there. But you are placing yourself at the centre of a figurative, civilised spider's web: kingmaker, and one day, king...

Game note: This will increase Estate by 3; you can do it up to five times.
Wealth is Power

Enshrine and boast of your treasures, to increase your prestige.

A hall of legend

It's not really a throne room. Throne rooms are terribly eighteenth-century. But it is a very grand study. Any visitor will be suitably awed; and they needn't know if you use the thing mostly as a paperweight.

Game note: This will increase Estate by 5; you can do it up to five times.
Install a Viceroy
Install a viceroy - the Disillusioned Doctor

You'll need someone to rule in your absence. He's a realist, now. He might not be the most vigorous governor, but he's loyal.

Thank you for your trust...

"Yes. We must do the best we can. And here, I will do the best I can. Thank you. You have changed everything for me, and I will try not to disappoint you."

Install a viceroy - the Satisfied Magician

You'll need someone to rule in your absence. He's proven himself intelligent, charismatic and trustworthy, now that his quest for revenge is complete.

An honour!

"I can't say I'd ever expected this to be my retirement. But it's a charming place, isn't it? Thank you for the trust you repose in me. I will ensure it is not misplaced."

This gives more Kingdom: Estate than the Doctor.
Install a viceroy - the Indomitable Campaigner

You'll need someone to rule in your absence. She'd probably be alarmingly good at this, now that her illness is cured.


"You've made the right choice. I'll see that things are done properly round here from now on. And... thank you."

This gives more Kingdom: Estate than the Magician or Doctor.
Go for the win
Declare yourself a nation

When your estate and your population are great enough, you can declare yourself a nation - albeit a minor one - and complete this ambition! You will need to choose a great power to ally yourself with, or go it alone - choose this option to see the requirements.

Trigger Event: SS flaggaz.png Receive an Embassy

This will lead to a chance to win the game. Check the Receive an Embassy options below before committing. One Legacy item is available, differing by completion.
Replenish and Repair
Collect fuel

It is the least your people could give you.

Wood and zea-coal

Your citizens provide what they can. It's not the best quality fuel, but it'll take you where you need to go.

Game note: This will expend one point of Estate to gain 30 points of Fuel.
Time ashore

There's enough here for your zailors to pretend it's civilisation. Those of them that like civilisation.

Days in the semi-sun

Your crew bask and loaf. It's not quite sunlight - they'll never tan, and they won't particularly die - but the fruit is ripe; the leaves are green; the waves are lazuli. The night retreats.

Game note: This will reduce your Terror by ten points at a cost of 1 Supply.
Repair your ship

This little drydock isn't exactly the Admiralty Shipyards; but you can manage repairs that would be impossible at zee.

A satisfactory result

This land is yours; this ship is yours.

Game note: This will completely repair your Hull at a cost of seven Supplies.

You can gather the supplies easily from Aestival

Naming Your Colony[edit | edit source]

Access through the action Establish your colony in earnest in Your Colony. Doing so will update the in-game model for Aestival, and return you to port. There's very little difference, so enjoy the choice.

Your Colony
SS Locations Aestival.png
Category Story Event
Linked to SS Locations Aestival.png Aestival

SS ruins2gaz.png Your Colony
Data ID 155214

In the folklore of the zee, this place is Aestival. What will you call it?

Actions Requirements Effects Notes

It's still a good name. Why change it?

- Aestival it is

The zailors nod approvingly. "Storm don't like change," one points out. ("But Salt does," one murmurs uneasily...)

New London.

One day, you'll remake the city that birthed your ship.

- New London it is

The zailors raise a patriotic cheer. "London!" one cries. "May it never be buried like the other one!"


Here you are at the edge of the world.

- Lastport it is

Someone strikes up a jig: 'The Last Voyage of the Travelling Man'. The quartermaster passes out grog. Your crew enthusiastically baptises the island.


Here no laws will bind you, unless you so choose.

- Freedom it is

The zailors cheer delightedly. Who doesn't like freedom, after so long under ship's discipline?

Utopia Beneath.

You'll be the perfect monarch: enlightened, merciful, absolute.

- A slightly uncertain cheer

Some zailors are better read than others. "Utopia?" one asks warily. "Like the fruit?" But others clap you on the back and assure you of their devotion to the project.


'Wisdom' would be a great name, but it's taken... by a Khanate prison. So stick with the classics.

- Sophia it is

The zailors cheer, although, it seems, for a variety of reasons. "I knew a girl called Sophia once," one muses nostalgically. In any case, all agree the name has a fortunate sound to it.

Fiddler's Gold.

Fiddler's Green is the legendary zailors' paradise. Fiddler's Gold would be one better.

- Fiddler's Gold it is

A heartfelt cheer! "I knew you was lucky, Captain," one zailor assures you. "And you're lucky with yer names."

Peachtree Isle.

Something appealing and inoffensive.

- Peachtree Isle it is

Your crew agrees it has a pleasing sound. "And no shortage of peaches," one hastens to assure you.

B____r Off.

It's going to be your island. Give it a name that discourages visitors.

- B____r Off it is

The crew break into scattered, rather nervous applause. But you see grins here and there. "We'll show them!" one zailor mutters fiercely.

Head Office.

Somewhere from which to pursue your business interests.

- Head Office it is

Your zailors applaud, a little ironically, but approvingly. "We'll be rich, cap'n, eh?" one cackles.


Perhaps you'll take in strays.

- Sanctuary it is

Zailors nod - some, you think, a little wistfully. "We'll be safe here, aye, cap'n?" one sighs.

The Empire of Trees

It's a little grand, and a little ridiculous, but it shows vision. If not a sense of proportion.

- The Empire of Trees it is

Laughter and cheers rise in equal measure. "All hail the Emperor!" one zailor shouts. It isn't clear - perhaps not even clear to him - whether he's being ironical.

Receive an Embassy[edit | edit source]

Your Colony
SS flaggaz.png
Category Story Event
Linked to SS Locations Aestival.png Aestival

SS ruins2gaz.png Your Colony
Data ID 155214

All the actions below will win the game (presuming you pass the stat challenges). They'll also grant a Legacy Item, which will permanently add 25 points to a single stat for all future captains in this Dynasty.

Any pirate in a hut can raise a flag. You're much more than that, now - the governor of a thriving settlement. But to be taken seriously as a nation, you must be formally recognised, and make an alliance. Who is your chosen ally?

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
A pact with Khan's Shadow

The Shadow is desperate for allies... but they're mistrustful. If your Viceroy is someone who knows their ways, and if you have an introduction from their friends, then they'll work with you.

Shadow's Respect The Boke of Sharpes gives +25 Iron
An accommodation with London

The Empire doesn't like its subjects founding rival nations. But honestly, there's not much they can do about it, and the Empire's power is on the wane. If you are credibly powerful - and if you have enough sway at the Admiralty - perhaps you can persuade them to wink at you.

An accommodation with London

The Weary Ambassador comes armed for negotiation. Each proposal, she claims, is absolute, final and categorical; each proves, when challenged, to be none of those things. No, you do not wish to govern in the Empress' name. No, dominion status is not sufficient. No, you do not acknowledge that the Empress has gifted you this land. You are a monarch, or nothing.

London's Respect

The Ambassador shrugs - this obviously what she expected - and, at last, she bows deeply. She is only the representative of a monarch - and you are a monarch. This is your kingdom.

This is your kingdom. London is where you began - but now, this is your home. From a ship's captain to a nation's founder is a long journey indeed. Who knows where the journey will take you?

Game note: Congratulations! You have completed a hidden Ambition. We do apologise. We meant to say: you have completed a hidden Ambition... your Majesty.

The Boke of Sharpes gives +25 Iron

Never mind staking a claim. You'll forge that claim in blood and fire. If anyone tries to take it from you, you'll fling it back at them.

Failed event A Manual of Miracles gives +25 Veils
Blood and ow!

The first week, you fight off a raiding party from the Isle of Cats. The second week, you suffer an assault by Unfinished Pirates. The third, you drive off a Khanate trimaran which has apparently taken a dislike to your kitchen garden, and shells your cucumbers into paste. Every fight takes its toll. The graveyard begins to grow.

Can you really defend yourself as an independent nation? You've survived so far; but perhaps it's time to rethink this.

Successful event
Blood and fire

The first week, a raiding party from the Isle of Cats attacks. Not one survives. You mount gibbets on the beach to display their remains. The second week, you suffer an assault by Unfinished Pirates. You crush them all to rubble. Now you have a rock garden. The third, a Khanate trimaran takes a dislike to your kitchen garden, and shells your cucumbers into paste. You capture it, rename it, make it the second vessel in your navy.

Exactly one week later, a Royal Navy corvette puts marines ashore to pacify your 'robber state'. You're ready for them. You send them home safe, and keep the corvette.

One month after that, the Empire asks leave to send an ambassador...

This is your kingdom. London is where you began - but now, this is your home. From a ship's captain to a nation's founder is a long journey indeed. Who knows where the journey will take you?

Game note: Congratulations! You have completed a hidden Ambition. We do apologise. We meant to say: you have completed a hidden Ambition... your Majesty.

An understanding with the Presbyterate

The nation at the heart of the Elder Continent is older than London and the Khanate put together. They have an entire government department devoted to mithridacy - the art of confusing foreigners. Perhaps - just perhaps - you can work out the right thing to say to them.

Failed event A Travelling Light gives +25 Mirrors
Not helpful

You send the single sentence you hope will have a result.

A single line comes back, inscribed on a flake of flint. It reads: "TRAVELLER RETURNING."

Successful event
An answer

You send your message, and wait.

A representative of the College of Mortality arrives a week later, in one of the Presbyterate's notorious living ships. It stains the waters around it red with blood. He is dressed in the best formal Imperial style - shirt and tailcoat unmistakably tailored in London. He is courteous and pleasant and very, very vague. He does condescend to lower his ear to your mouth to listen to what you have to say.

An ancient treaty

You speak the words you've learnt - the opening lines of a treaty made between the Presbyterate and a certain other power, long before London fell, before the Bazaar ever came to the Neath -

Immediately, his demeanour changes. He smiles with real warmth. "Well done," he says. "We recognize your claim." He bows.

Overtures to the Khanate

The Khanate is not easily impressed. You'll need to master the proper forms of address, and the proper literary allusions - tremendously difficult, even for the best-educated barbarian. You'll need the favour of the Leopard, the royal clan. And you'll need to send a suitable gift.

Failed event A Dream of Red gives +25 Hearts
No reply

You send your gift and your message... and wait. And wait... and wait... and wait. Perhaps it was lost at zee. Perhaps they're chuckling indulgently over some error of composition. Perhaps the insult is so grave that even now a Khanate war-fleet is steaming towards you...

Successful event
Leopard's Respect
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