Your Father's Bones (Ambition)

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

So, you've picked Your Father's Bones Ambition? Ok. This is a tough one. It's going to involve exploring a lot of the islands and stories in Sunless Sea, because there are lots of things to get. And each background has a different way to play it. Please be aware, this is spoiler heavy. If you're new to the game, don't read this. Instead, just explore for your first few captains, and get to know the world. Reading this has a very good chance of ruining what makes Sunless Sea the excellent game it is - intrigue, the unknown, and exploration.

And, of course, if you have ideas for additional content, please drop it on the talk page.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Your Father's Bones: A Cold Trail is used to track this event. Hover over it at any time in your Journal to see the next major step required. It is initially set to the value of Memoirs: Your Past (a number between 1 and 6) and then incremented by 50 or 100 at various stages. Different values require different trips items and locations, e.g Natural Philosopher will be Scintillack and Visage. See below for more details. However, after a certain point, everything converges at the Fathomking's Hold.

Amongst other things, you'll need a lot of SS wavesmall.png Zee-ztories. Get into the habit of dropping Recent News at Light-Ships, and hoarding them. In general, once you know the game, it's a good idea to hoard all the low-cost items like SS wavesmall.png Zee-ztory, SS scaryeyesmall.png Tale of Terror!! and Memory of Distant Shores

Details[edit | edit source]

Starting out: A Cold Trail[edit | edit source]

The first step,Your_Father's_Bones:_A_Cold_Trail_(event), will fire from the moment you finish picking your past and ambitions - bring various things to London, depending on Memoirs: Your Past. Might want to check the Map page to see where they roughly are, but I promise it's more fun to explore for yourself. Consult the table below for details and tips.

Once you've completed the first item drop, you'll be onto Your Father's Bones: the Next Step - visit the appropriate port, and there will be an option to interact there. Again, this varies by Your Past.

Your Past First Item Notes Then go to
Street Urchin 1 x Mutersalt Despite what it says in the game note, you can't buy Mutersalt with money. You'll need 5 x SS wavesmall.png Zee-ztory before you head to Whither which is north of Venderbight. Consider running 5 x Recent News to a Light-Ship near Fallen London. SS Locations The Chelonate.png The Chelonate
Poet SS wavesmall.png Zee-ztorys from a Light-Ship. If you're struggling with other two, the sisters at Hunter's Keep can help. Or a A Port Report: The Iron Republic will get a SS scaryeyesmall.png Tale of Terror. Tales of the Standing Stones at Shepherd Isles will also randomly award you one or the other. SS Locations Nuncio.png Nuncio
Soldier Go exploring. Pick up 3 Port Reports. Each new port report awards SS paperstacksmall.png Admiralty's Favours when dropped off in SS fallenlondon portsmall.png London. When you have 3, speak to the Admiral. Select "A deplorable end". SS Locations Kingeater's Castle.png Kingeater's Castle
Priest 50 echoes per bag from Wolfstack Exchange in SS fallenlondon portsmall.png London. 38 each in SS Locations Port Carnelian.png Port Carnelian. Your call. SS Locations Avid Horizon.png Avid Horizon
Natural Philosopher Just discover SS Locations Port Cecil.png Port Cecil and collect SS scintillacksmall.png Scintillack. This one is easy. SS Locations Visage.png Visage

The Next Step[edit | edit source]

Find the location detailed in the table above. There are clues in your journal. Mouse over "Your Father's Bones". Don't be afraid to use your Zee-bat. Sailing deep will require plenty of Fuel and Supplies. You may encounter scary Monsters. Don't be afraid to use full power to escape. Stop at all ports along the way to collect Port Reports.

  • The Chelonate is always somewhere against the eastern edge of the map. Watch for the Eater of Names.
  • Nuncio is the trickiest to locate. It'll be somewhere in the right half of the map, from the middle to the top. Zee-bat. Zee-bat. Zee-bat.
  • Kingeater's Castle is the furthest southeast you can go.
  • Avid Horizon is always against the north wall. Watch for Mt Nomad.
  • Visage is usually due east of the Iron Republic (sail south from London 'til you hit it, then due east). It's often near Port Cecil, where you just were.

Visit the Fathomking[edit | edit source]

All of the above options are dead ends, but you must visit them to progress the story. Then you'll need to track down the Fathomking's Hold. This is generally directly east from the Iron Republic. The Natural Philosopher has had a really time of this so far.

Remember when I said at the top that you need lots of SS wavesmall.png Zee-Ztories? Well, you do. So bring SS wavesmall.png Zee-ztories. Once you track down his lair, use a Zee-ztory to get inside, then Discuss he matter of your father's bones to access The Fathomking's Answer. Explore the story options (some are variable on Your Past). But, ultimately, he'll give you a ridiculous set of demands. Ridiculous. I cannot stress this enough.

The Ridiculous Demands[edit | edit source]

Ok. Good luck with all that. See you again in a day or two.

The Fathomking's Key[edit | edit source]

So, you've done all that? Good work. Honestly. Some of these are very, very difficult and/or confusing. Hand them all in to the Fathomking, and he'll give you, da-daaaaaaaa Your Father's Bones: The Fathomking's Key. And then it's back to wherever you first had to go, before you were sent to the Fathomking. Confused? Check your journal. Or the table up there at the top.

The Bones, the bones![edit | edit source]

So, for you most of you, that's almost it. Return to London. Do the bone thing. Win the game. Congratulations!

Priests have one small extra step and need to head to the Chapel of Lights first. You have two possible outcomes. Have you succumbed to the taint?

And Natural Philosophers. Well. They have a super-secret option, but that's a story for another day.

The End[edit | edit source]

Returning to London will win the game. Hurrah! If you are a natural philosopher and saved your dad (yeah, you can do that, I bet you wish you'd picked that now, huh?) then in legacies, you can pick your father as an officer to carry through to the next game. This will immediately fire up the game win screen on your new game. If you also have 6k echoes, then you can win again.

THis is just so I can cut and paste easily

SS footprintsmall.png +100 x Your Father's Bones: A Cold Trail (Fulfil the Fathomking's Requests)

SS heartwitheredsmall.png Your Father's Bones: a Legend's Heart for the Fathomking = 1

SS mechanismsmall.png Your Father's Bones: a Miracle of Science for the Fathomking = 1

SS sunsetsmall.png Your Father's Bones: a Sky-Light for the Fathomking = 1

SS keyhole1small.png Your Father's Bones: a Willing Guest for the Fathomking = 1

SS deathsmall.png Your Father's Bones: an Eldest's End for the Fathomking = 1

SS goldenapplesmall.png Your Father's Bones: Fruit of the Eternal Tree for the Fathomking = 1